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By 10th October 2016

dior bespoke wood flooring parquet de versailles panels

Our team were tasked with creating bespoke Parquet de Versailles panels, along with bespoke planks and chevrons, for the Dior team for their new world flagship store on New Bond Street which opened in Summer 2016. The panels and parquet blocks were hand crafted for the project, resulting in an intricate yet striking look.

Meeting the strict delivery times ensured that the scheduled opening of the store remained on track.

We have handmade, made to order Parquet de Versailles panels in our Woodworks Parquetry collection which you can find here, or you can see our Parquet de Versailles panels that are handcrafted from original antique and reclaimed oak in our Woodworks Antique collection, which you can find here.

You can also work with our team to create the perfect, bespoke floor for you by contacting our Woodworks team here.