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A new look for Ted Todd

By 31st August 2016

Foundation Wentworth


We’ve been working hard over the last six months to overhaul the look and feel of the Ted Todd website to make it easier for you to find your perfect wood floor.

It’s just one element of an exercise that includes a new logo and brand image and reorganisation of all our collections.


So why change?


We’ve been around for over two decades and pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of inspiring floors that are a bit different – putting creativity and design at the heart of all our hardwood floors without compromising on quality.

We realised that the way we organised our collections didn’t always make it easy for customers to understand the differences between floors that may be say, similar in colour, but very different in construction and finish. We’ve now grouped all the Ted Todd floors together into eight collections, each offering something different, whether its width, pattern, texture, or the look and characteristics of the finish used.

To show how our floors work in-situ, we’ve photographed each of the collections to show the variety of looks that can be achieved using our floors.

We’ve also brought together our sister company, Victorian Woodworks (which will become Woodworks by Ted Todd), under the Ted Todd umbrella. Ted Todd will now solely focus on new wood floors, while Woodworks will offer antique and handmade floors.

Take a look around the new websites (you can find the Woodworks floors here) and let us know what you think. We’d love to get your feedback on our new look.