Our Wood Floor Grades Expained

There are many different grades of wood from Prime to Select, plus Nature and Rustic grades. Wood grades indicate a natural appearance of the wood and is graded according to features such as knots, sap, and colour variations. Make sure you compare like-for-like in order to get the best value for money. Plus with significant differences between different grades the choice could ultimately affect the look of your project.


Allows a small number of knots and black pin knots, usually up to 10mm and 5mm respectively. Minimal amount of sapwood defects and filler. There will be a relatively small amount of colour variation in the timber itself.


A mix of prime and cleaner Nature grade boards, most planks will be sap free. Closed heartwood up to 55mm x 6mm. And irregular grain allowed. Knots up to 50mm with a limited amount of checks and end splits.


Nature grade will include both heartwood and sapwood which is up to 30% of the board and has a wider range of colour variation. Closed heartwood up to 55mm x 6mm and irregular grain allowed. Knots up to 50mm, checks and end splits may feature. Filler will be used and will complement the wood.


Natural characterful wood that includes some larger knots (with checks across growth rings), sap, possible end shake and wider colour variation across boards. Will include both heartwood and sapwood. Filler will be used and will complement the wood.


Allows for a virtually limitless size and number of knots, checks, colour variation and may contain sap. Character features can include nail holes, restoration features and weather cracks. Filler will be used and will complement the wood.


There are some other wood grades which feature in our Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd collections, they include; 

  • Pippy Oak
  • Quarter Sawn
  • Rift Sawn
  • Double Fumed Select without Sap
  • Double Fumed Select with Sap
  • Wild Rustic
  • Double Fumed Herringbone
  • Prime Double Fumed Herringbone

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