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Protecting your wood floor this Christmas

By 3rd December 2018

protecting your wood floor this christmas

The festive season is finally upon us and early December is usually the time our homes are adorned with all things Christmas.

A lot of us choose to have real Christmas trees in our homes and while real trees look and smell amazing, they can also wreak havoc with your hardwood floors, if not properly protected.

Sap stains, water damage and surface scratches can be minimised or avoided all together if you properly prepare the area before your tree goes up. We’ve got some top tips to make sure your wood floor doesn’t get damaged this Christmas.

Protecting hardwood floors from Christmas trees

  • Prepare the area

    Put down a protective covering over your wood floor. We’d recommend an old blanket, bath mat or even carpet cut offs. Cover the protective matt with a vinyl coated table cloth and place the tree stand on top.

  • Shake your tree

    Pine needles are a nightmare to get rid of, before you bring your tree indoors unwrap it and give it a good shake to get rid of any excess needles.

  • After installation

    Once your tree is in place, water is added to the stand and all of your decorations are up – you could add a tree skirt to catch any dropped needles that could cause scratches if dragged across your floor.

  • Tree removal

    In the midst of festivities you probably don’t want to hear about taking all your beautiful decorations down. To minimise damage to your wood floor, wrap your tree in a plastic tree bag or old blankets/sheets. This helps to prevent needles and sap from dropping on your floors. Remove the tree skirt and place a towel on the floor beside your tree stand. Carefully lift the tree from the water reservoir and place directly on the towel. Immediately sweep up any dropped needles.

To ensure your wood floors look as good as the day they were installed, we would  recommend purchasing one of our care systems. If your floor is finished with a hardened coating such as hardened oil, matt lacquer, satin lacquer, or naked skin lacquer, you’ll need care system one. For floors with an oil based finish such as restoration oil or burnished hardwax oil, you’ll need care system two. For more information about our care systems, click here.