Environmental Impact

Ted Todd are one of the leading manufacturers of Hardwood flooring in Europe. As a result we strongly believe in ensuring all of our products are constructed from the finest raw materials and it is our passion for our product and service that ensure we offer the same consistent quality everyday.


sherwood warm brown european oak wood flooring planks, classic collection

Water Management

Low water usage as wood flooring production is not an industrial process.


The wood waste generated as part of the production process is used for heating buildings and drying out raw materials. Energy-saving tools such as movement sensors to production facilities, distribution centre and offices to turn on/off lighting are used extensively.

Raw Material

Sourced from managed forests across the EU. Use FSC® and PEFC chain of custody schemes to ensure minimum environmental impact. Managed woodlands provide a continuous supply of raw material. Trees are replanted and harvested as part of a sustainable arboriculture regime.

Post Production

warehouse - stock of wood flooring


Our packaging is fully recyclable.

Carbon Footprint

If you combine a long-life product which locks in large amounts of carbon with a sustainable forestry regime you end up with an unrivalled carbon capture system. Trees lock in carbon. Mature trees are harvested to make way for new trees that will lock in more carbon and then the long-life floor ensure that the locked-in carbon is not released back into the environment for a very long time.


he long-life nature of this product and the option to re-sand during the product life cycle ensures that this product has minimum impact when compared to man-made product categories that have a much shorter lifespan.

The product can be easily recycled and reused as a floor or other decorative wood product ie wall cladding, furniture etc. In the event that the product cannot be used as a floor it can be recycled and used as a biomass fuel.

We also mitigate the impact of end-of-life recycling by having a sister company that specialises in the reclaiming and restoration of wood floors and elements. Victorian Woodworks (VWW) works to give a new lease of life to wood floors and elements and in doing so facilitates end-of-life recycling.