Environmentally friendly wood floors

environmentally friendly floors
reclaimed timber

If you take sustainability and the environmental impact of wood floors seriously, you will already appreciate the environmental benefits that wood floors offer. They are 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, have low VOC levels and a longer lifespan than both carpet and LVT.

We’ve always believed it’s our responsibility to know exactly where our timber comes from. If suppliers can’t prove its origin, or that it’s been sourced in accordance with our strict environmental and ethical policy, we won’t deal with them. The vast majority of our new wood floors are FSC or PEFC certified – we’ve been FSC compliant since 1997, long before it was a mainstream issue.

Always ask whether the product you are purchasing is FSC certified. Companies can be FSC certified whilst still selling non-FSC certified products.

Most companies charge extra for this certification, whereas we include this as a given at no extra cost as we believe it is the right thing to do.

Wood is a natural product and all Ted Todd floors have sound environmental credentials. It’s ironic that so many man-made products made from laminate, vinyl and ceramic floors now go to great length to copy a wood look. However all of these floors totally miss the point of a wood floor: they last for generations and you do not send them to landfill when they look tired.