Burnished Hardwax Oil

A durable, natural and unrivalled finish that combines oils to deeply penetrate into the wood’s pores.

Hardened Oil

An oil based finish that gives a natural look and a subtle sheen.

Matt Lacquer

Providing maximum durability with minimal maintenance, this oiled-appearance UV lacquer is one of our best sellers.

Naked Skin Lacquer

This clear, soft-feel lacquer maintains the original ‘unfinished’ look of natural wood, while providing high levels of durability.

Restoration Oil

A truly organic, oiled finish that provides a deep lustre to your floor.

Satin Lacquer

Our traditional, durable lacquer creates a subtle gloss effect without reflective shine.


We supply some of our floors unfinished – so you decide which finish is best for you. The finish will be applied in-situ.