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Swiss Pine Wood Flooring

Swiss Pine has been a European treasure for centuries, perhaps millenia. Originating in the inner Alpine regions, wood from these trees has been known to live for up to 1200 years, even in the harshest winters and weathers.

As a result characterful markings, the likes you never will have seen before, from lighting bolts and snow breakage, are the leading features found in Swiss Pine flooring.

Our reclaimed Swiss Pine floorboards, some of which are antique, come from Alpine buildings. Once they arrive at our UK-based Cheshire workshops, we set about transforming them into engineered floors and wall cladding, whilst maintaining all the features that makes Swiss Pine so sought after.


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What is Swiss Pine Wood Flooring?

Swiss Pine wood floors are crafted using pine originating in the Alpine regions of Switzerland. This pine can be anything from entirely new, to hundreds or thousands of years old, holding the harshest challenges of the landscape within its detailed, unique boards.

Swiss Pine (or Stone Pine as it can also be known) features the very best the European terrain has to offer. Patiently grown against the odds over the years, Swiss wood flooring contains a plethora of stunning natural imperfections, that we at Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd love to celebrate.

This wood is not a common commodity, but very occasionally, small quantities of authentically weathered antique Pine becomes available. This is a wood we love to work with, and always enjoy transforming these antique and reclaimed boards into beautiful Swiss Pine wood floors, such as Swiss Stone Pine or Cotton Mill Pine, just to name a couple.

What are the characteristics and benefits of Swiss Pine Wood Flooring?

Swiss Pine is a softwood, granting a delicate, soft feeling when underfoot and when running hands across the grain pattern, setting it in a different direction to common hardwoods such as European Oak. Whilst not necessarily suited for high-traffic areas, this characteristic makes Swiss Pine an ideal companion in bedrooms, spas, relaxation rooms and residential spaces where a relaxing feel is desired. That said, thanks to our durable Naked Skin Lacquer and thick 4-6mm wear layers, our Swiss Pine wood flooring options can last a lifetime with due care and maintenance.

Another relaxing aspect of Swiss Pine floorboards is the delightful natural scent that they provide. Due to a high amount of pinosylvin, the wood has an aromatic scent, which studies have shown to link positively with sleep and mood, likely due to the scent drawing you closer to nature.

Scent isn’t the only natural property of Swiss Pine however, as this wood is very natural in appearance too. Natural markings can be found across every plank of Swiss Pine wood flooring; centuries-old growth rings, exciting grain patterns and natural weathering from storms and snow all add to the appealing nature-based feeling of these wood floors.

Natural colour variation across board should be expected, and some antique boards may even feature manmade repairs and restorations. These are features that we at Woodworks by Ted Todd love to embrace, and hope you enjoy these beautiful imperfections too.

How to install Swiss Pine Wood Flooring

Any Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd flooring should only be fitted by a professional, and we would be very happy to recommend some potential fitters for you new project.

Swiss Pine wood flooring requires appropriate care and attention that only professional fitting can offer.

Get in touch with our dedicated team, or contact contact your nearest retail partner for further information.

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