Using Wood Panel Flooring In Your Project

Wood panel flooring is a beautiful and versatile way to elevate your project.

These wood panels, usually 980x980mm, are created from intricate shapes including circles, triangles and diamonds on an engineered base. This creates an impressive motif across the entire floor when panels are bought together.

Panel wood flooring is often misconstrued as an indulgent luxury wood flooring option, but this is not the case.

Being easy to fit and coming in a range of species, colours and textures, paneling can be used in any projects, not just those extra special ones.

Why choose wood panel flooring?

Panel flooring is a leading format in terms of beauty, durability, and origin.

The number one advantage this format has over simple planks, herringbones and chevrons is the full picture that they create when covering the entire floor.

From Parquet de Versailles which still features at the heart of the famous Palace of Versailles today to the circular design of Sapphire which we at Woodworks by Ted Todd innovated ourselves, the final effect is a tremendous mosaic of shapes, regardless of which design you choose.

These square designs are one of the leading ways in which to create a bold design statement in both classic and contemporary projects.

The timeless geometric patterns, featuring simple shapes and sharp lines have been a popular choice for some time, much like the other parquet design, such as herringbone and chevron.

With a range of colours across these designs and European Oak, Elm and American Black Walnut options, you’re sure to find a wood panel that suits your brief.

The full range of wooden panels we have to offer can be viewed on our wood panel flooring page.

Structurally, wood panel flooring is exceptionally sound too.

Engineered into 20mm thick boards and often featuring an extra-large wear layer of up to 6mm, this wood is crafted to last for a lifetime.

The use of a thick wear layer not only protects the pattern. It also means you can gradually sand the floor through the years, should you wish, in order to return the panel to its just-purchased look.

The 20mm thickness makes the boards durable, which can be felt in the weight of each panel. Plus, being engineered means our panels are an ideal choice for installation over underfloor heating.

Whilst the patterns on these floors (most of which are handcrafted) look incredibly delicate, installation is simple thanks to the engineering that has taken place.

The plywood or oak layers used make up the basis of each panel, meaning you won’t need to install every small piece separately. Instead, you simply install the large squares with a simple tongue and groove system.

Some of our panels are smooth or lightly brushed but a number of wood panels are tactile and bring an immense amount of texture to your projects – particularly those which are antique or reclaimed from Woodworks by Ted Todd.

With these undulating textures, there is increased movement underfoot. This natural feel links your project back to nature, and you can rest assured knowing that this genuine wood flooring is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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What do you need to consider when matching wood panel flooring to an existing project?

Whether your project flooring is being laid for the first time or you’re replacing a pre-existing floor with panels, there are a couple of key considerations to be had.

The first might seem obvious, but given that these panels are 980x980mm, size can be an issue.

If the space is too limited you will need to consider how to cut the panels for maximum effect, as whilst panels still work in smaller areas, you may not be able to complete the entire design unless laid in a certain order.

When fitting in smaller spaces (or against walls and furniture for example) you should also take into account how the wood will look up against the wall.

For a more seamless finish to your flooring, we recommended using our bespoke service to get matching architectural details and profiles, as these finishing touches can really make the difference to a project.

Whatever the room, be it personal or commercial, big or small, be sure to visit either our London or Cheshire Design Centre before purchasing. Getting up close to the panels will give you a better impression of size, as well as colour and texture.


Panels are an amazing choice for projects regardless of size and budget.

The motif they create gives a strong design statement and can really make your design stand out.

Size must be considered, but if you’re looking for a way to elevate your room by using a wood floor, go beyond the plank, and consider using wood paneling.