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continuous versailles


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Made from the finest French Oak, sourced from the Quercy region in France, is our Rosnay continuous Versailles. Before our craftsmen get their hands on this Oak, the raw boards are left outside to season for up to 24 months. During this time the oak loses its tension, the fibres settle and the knots harden. This process emphasises the flow of the grain and the undulating surface texture of the Oak. The versatility of the continuous Versailles pattern combined with the warm tone of the Oak make these unfinished blocks the perfect choice for many schemes.


Rosnay specification sheet PDF  

Specification and Dimensions

European Oak
Profile Ends matched Square shoulder Tongue & Groove
Finish Unfinished
Texture Skip Sawn
Construction(s)2 Ply 20mm Engineered
Width(s)100mm, 140mm
Woodworks by Ted Todd

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