Accessories & Profiles

Wood floors require expansion space at the wall and all vertical obstructions. Mouldings are used to cover the expansion area, to hide cut ends, to adjust height differences or transitions between floors and to aesthetically finish the area.

Below you will find the profiles we have available, and we can hand finish them to match your floor. Speak to your nearest retail partner for more details.


Supplied for 15 and 20mm thick floors and used to make transitions in thickness from wood floor down to thinner surface, generally through door openings.

L Section

Supplied for 15mm and 20mm thick floors, and used to cover expansion spaces in perimeter areas such as brick walls and hearths as well as floor to ceiling glass and sliding doors. May also be used against existing door thresholds.

Pipe Ferrules

16mm internal diameter pipe cover used to conceal expansion space created round radiator pipes.

Bull Nosing

Supplied in 15mm and 20mm, this profile is used to create a finished edge on a top step, around a stairwell or a sunken living room.

T-Door Section

Supplied for 15mm and 20mm thick floors, it is used to make the transition at doorways and between interior rooms from one hard surface floor to another at equal heights.


19mm x 19mm profile, used to cover expansion spaces where skirting is in place and not being removed prior to installation of flooring.

Skirting Board

Supplied at 20mm thick, used to create a decorative border around your room, separating your floor from your walls.