Laying the foundations with Belmont Homes

Belmont Homes is a leading residential property developer in Cheshire. They have an established reputation for delivering highly desirable, expertly constructed, thoughtfully designed homes.  Discerning homeowners can expect to discover a portfolio of exceptional properties built on the ethos of quality and design.  

We recently had the pleasure of visiting one of their stunning homes in Cheshire. Consisting of 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a separate dressing area, an impressive open plan kitchen/dining area, a family room, a boot room and a home gym this 720 sqm home reflects today’s architectural style with clean lines, natural lighting and classic finishes.  Reflecting today’s architectural style with clean lines, natural lighting and classic finishes the property also features multiple flooring choices.

Exterior of Belmont Homes Cheshire Residence

The Importance of Flooring

Flooring is often the largest design element of a design. It serves as the foundation, determines the look and feel of a room, and impacts your overall project success, making it of utmost importance. To understand more about the Belmont Homes process of flooring specification we sat down with Simon Gallop, owner and creative director to find out more.   

Otis Herringbone in entrance hall

Name, Title, location. 

Simon Gallop. Founder and creative director. Altrincham, Cheshire.  

How would you describe the types of homes you create? 

Bespoke residential.  

How important do you think flooring is to a project? 

The flooring serves as the canvas, the foundation upon which everything else hinges. It not only sets the mood of a space but also shapes stylistic choices for other design elements, including furniture and accessories. Considering the available light is crucial when selecting flooring, as it directly influences the overall creative direction of the house. Additionally, colour and format play integral roles in choosing the ideal flooring foundation for your property.

Otis Plank intalled in living room with rug and coffee table
Otis Extra Wide Plank features in one of the property’s reception rooms.

Can you rank these aspects in order of importance; price, aesthetics, and practicality? 

Aesthetics, practicality, price.  

What types of flooring does this property feature? 

We’ve installed wood floors throughout most of the property, except for the boot room where we’ve opted for terracotta tiles which offer a soft yet durable quality.   

Otis Herringbone with inlay, showing transition to terracotta tiles
Otis Extra Wide Plank and Herringbone combined with wenge inlays.

Do all your properties feature wood flooring? If so, why is that?

Yes. While we appreciate the practicality and durability of tiles, we tend to veer away from them due to their clinical feel and coldness. Wood, being a natural material, brings warmth and comfort to a space, creating an inviting atmosphere. Moreover, wood adds texture and interest to room transitions, connecting indoor spaces to the natural world. Its enduring quality stands the test of time and contributes to the overall value of our properties.

Otis Plank intalled in living room with rug and coffee table
Otis Extra Wide Plank features in one of the property’s reception rooms.

Why did you choose to specify a Ted Todd and Woodworks floor in this project, and not just use the same floor throughout?  

Woodworks, being a handmade option, boasts wood grading and characteristics that work seamlessly for the principal rooms. I specified a Ted Todd Project collection floor for the first-floor areas including bathrooms, bedrooms, and the landing, specifically, Petworth with its washed-out white tone. 

Both floors share similar aesthetic and technical qualities, offering undeniable durability and resilience. The light tone of both complements the upstairs interior styling as well as the ground floor design. However, it’s worth noting that the handcrafted option stands out due to its attention to detail and finishing. Additionally, both Woodworks and Ted Todd floors fall under the same grade classification. While Petworth exhibits a more uniform appearance, Otis by Woodworks displays fewer knots. Considering budget constraints, combining floors from Woodworks and Ted Todd allows me to maintain a cohesive scheme that makes a statement – especially in the property’s reception rooms.

Petworth Herringbone in bathroom with white free standing tub
Petworth Narrow Herringbone is used to stunning effect in the property’s family bathroom.

Do you have any other advice for specifying the right flooring?

Over the years, I’ve learned that grading is a really important factor when choosing a wood floor, but it’s essential to evaluate each product on a larger scale than just a hand sample. The grade assigned to a floor serves as a general guide, but each floor is distinct and possesses unique features that can only be fully appreciated when the entire floor is installed.

Having used Ted Todd and Woodworks floors in multiple projects, I highly value the option to mix and match floors from their complete portfolio. For example, Otis and Petworth are both available in the same formats – planks and herringbone – and for ease of maintenance, both use the same care system.

On that note, do you think wood flooring is easy to maintain? 

Yes, it is very easy to maintain, and it doesn’t deteriorate with age it gets better! 

Petworth Plank features in the upper rooms of Belmont Homes Cheshire property.

Speak to our expert team today for help and advice on specifying Petworth or Otis in your project.