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Putting sustainability at the heart of every project

We are the market leaders in appreciating the importance of sustainable sourcing and won’t do business with any supplier who can’t prove the origin of their timber. The vast majority of our new wood floors are FSC™ or PEFC certified – we’ve been FSC™ compliant since 1997, long before it was a mainstream issue.

Most companies charge extra for this certification, whereas we include this as a given at no extra cost because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Consider these points when choosing wood flooring to make the most sustainable choice possible:

Only use certified floors – Limit carbon intensive materials by using FSC™ and PEFC certified floors (not just accredited companies) that are harvested as part of responsible and sustainable forest management.

Specify long life wood – Choose carbon capturing materials by specifying long life wood products that lock away carbon and can be regenerated. This is about moving away from single-use floors to those that can be refurbished over decades and being prepared to choose floors with the least environmental impact.

Consider the lifetime cost – Long lasting wood floors can be easily reused and reclaimed so take into account the lifetime cost of the floor if possible. For example, consider wood floors with thicker wear layers where possible (at least 3 or 4mm), so that floors can be re-sanded.