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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring has been a staple of designs across the globe for centuries.

From the simple early wooden planks that were uprooted and placed into prestigious townhouses hundreds of years ago to the highly sophisticated tongue and groove solid floors we see today, the look these woods bring are timeless.

Having a history of battling against the challenges of footfall and everyday human life, solid flooring is still one of the most desirable flooring types to date, with its authentic feel, warming vibes and natural properties making this an ideal material to take pride of place in your project.

Whilst engineered wood flooring is the predominant flooring type that we create nowadays, solid real wood flooring has a variety of advantages over its counterpart and is a high quality choice for all surfaces.


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What are the benefits of solid wood flooring?

A big advantage that solid wood flooring has is in its application. Whilst many of our thick engineered floors are incredibly durable, it does sometimes limit their usage, as they are heavier. This is where solid wood flooring takes control. Being less bulky, solid authentic wood can be used on every surface; walls, ceilings and floors can all be covered in these timbers, adding much-needed character to spaces.

Take our Woodworks by Ted Todd Bold Surfaces collection for example. Many of these woods, such as the reclaimed solid oak flooring Temno, are packed with colours and textures that draw both the eye and the hand across a surface. A wooden floor is a lifetime investment, making it a better choice for yourself and for the planet.

Thanks to many of our floors being finished with either a lacquer or oil you need not worry about daily dirt and dust. A simple sweep, brush or mop will easily solve the problem.

Solid wood is a material entirely of the natural world and is one of the leading ways in which you can bring nature indoors. The look, the feel, even the smell all link you back to the outdoors in an instant, making your space a crisp, clean place of escape and comfort. Not many materials can achieve even half of this wonder, which makes a real wood floor so prestigious.

Solid wood installation and care

Once you’ve made the investment into a beautiful new solid wood floor, you’ll want to install it correctly, to ensure that the floor will last the lifetime you come to expect from our floors.

Once all the correct checks have been made to both the subflooring and a timber itself the installation, via glue down or nail down method, can begin. Thanks to the easy tongue and groove profile and click system the floor can be knitted together with ease.

We highly recommend reading our guide on how to install your solid wood flooring.

Caring for your floor correctly is just as important as the fitting process, and such care should be completed by using one of our carefully created care systems. Read our guide on floor care.

Best rooms for solid wood flooring

Whether you are looking for a living room floor, a hotel room ceiling, or even a bar covering, we’ve seen our solid woods be used in a multitude of manners, so if you need some inspiration, why not visit our projects page or our gallery.

For expert advice, you can call our team and they will be able to advise a suitable solid floor for your room. For commercial enquiries, please visit our contact us page, and if you’re looking for a floor for personal use, your local Ted Todd retail partner will be of massive help.

How to buy our solid wood flooring

To see our full range of solid and engineered wood flooring, we recommend paying a visit to one of our Design Centres, which are based in Cheshire and London. Once there, you can make use of our expert advice, and fully understand what makes each floor special. Your local retail partner can also provide any information you may need, and you can locate our partners here.

If you’re a commercial customer, we recommend speaking to one of our industry experts about your design. With a wealth of collective experience, the team have seen projects of all shapes, sizes and specifications, so no matter how large the challenge, they have the knowledge you require.

Get your free samples

Ordering a free sample of your favourite three wood floors is the best place to start with Ted Todd. Simply place the samples in your basket, fill out your details, and we’ll ship them out to you in no time at all. That way, you can begin the fun part, feeling and comparing the wood within your project, to make sure the floor is the perfect one for you.