American Black Walnut Flooring

American Black Walnut Flooring

Grown in the Northern and Eastern regions of the USA, American Black Walnut wood experiences bright sunshine and harsh winters. Natural weathering contributes to the texture and grain pattern differences within the wood, meaning no two pieces will ever been exactly the same.

By hand polishing American Black Walnut in our Cheshie workshops, our artisans achieve an exceedingly smooth finish. It develops a lustrous patina that is prized for its intense strength, interesting grain and unique colour. These natural features make the wood an inspired choice for projects looking to make an interesting design statement.

Our American Black Walnut plank floors appear within the Crafted Textures, Specialist Woods and Superwide collections, whilst in Parquetry you can find Coronet and Inca, in designs exclusive to Woodworks.

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What is American Black Walnut Wood Flooring?

Grown in the USA, American Black Walnut experiences bright American sunshine, and harsh winters in the North. Through surviving this polarising weather, the wood develops beautiful features unique to the natural world.

By polishing by hand, the timber can reach an exceedingly smooth finish. It develops a lustrous patina and is prized for its intense strength, being amongst the strongest wood available.

Despite the name, not all American Black Walnut engineered wood is black in colour and you will often encounter grey tones within these floors. Dovecote nature grade Walnut planks showcase the wide range of delicate grey tones. These natural variations mean no two floors are the same, adding individuality to your spaces.

Many feature deep rich brown colours too. Rivington American Walnut planks for example, from our Crafted Textures collection, is a nature grade floor with golden dark browns and a tight grain pattern.

Some American Black Walnut floors also have wild and wandering grain patterns.

Benefits of American Black Walnut Flooring

American Walnut engineered floors have outstanding strength properties, packing dimensional stability and shock resistance, making these floors a very strong choice in areas such as bars, restaurants and workspaces, as well as in rooms of the home.

This durability makes the timber suitable for various applications. Walls, floors and ceiling all benefit from American Black Walnut, which is suitable for underfloor heating too.

In fact, the only spaces we would suggest avoiding using American Black Walnut wood is in spaces where there is high risk of heavy water spillage.

These floors are engineered with a 15-20mm construction and a 4-6mm wear layer. This can be sanded down throughout the years to return to the original surface look and a smooth texture.

American Black Walnut Wood Flooring Installation

Any Ted Todd or Woodworks by Ted Todd should only ever be installed by an experienced professional, and self-installation should not be attempted.

Proper subflooring and preparations are vital for the process to run smoothly, with more information available in our wood flooring advice section.

Order your Free Sample

Due to the natural appearance of wood, the best way to experience these floors is on a large scale. We recommend visiting one of our Design Centres or partner showrooms, with large sample panels available of these woods.

Alternatively, order up to three free samples of your favourite American Black Walnut floors online, simply fill out your details and we’ll ship them direct to your door.