European Oak Flooring

European Oak Flooring

European Oak is undoubtedly the most popular wood flooring species due to its durability and naturally occurring features. This European native hardwood has long been associated with strength and durability, being used in projects around the world for hundreds of years.

Sustainably sourced from well-managed sustainable forests, European Oak flooring is an environmentally-friendly choice which can link your project to nature and help you achieve carbon neutrality. European Oak is one of our most used wood species, covering a wide range of colours, grades and textures - be sure to get in touch with our expert team to discuss the wide range of difference in this species.

Available in plank, herringbone, chevron and more intricate parquetry designs in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses, European Oak wood flooring is a perfect pair to any project.

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About European Oak Flooring

European Oak flooring covers both solid and engineered constructions.

In solid wood floors, each board or block is crafted from a single piece of wood of European Oak which can be slowly sanded down throughout the years to restore the original look of the surface. European oak engineered flooring is made from layered sections of solid wood, each one running in a different direction to ensure durability and stability, reducing the wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract.

Whilst engineered wood flooring is more intelligently designed for modern life, solid wood flooring remains important due to its versatility and variety of applications.

A vast majority of Ted Todd and woodworks floors are made using European Oak wood and it has been one of the most popular flooring materials throughout centuries of usage in projects all around the world. It is a simply magical material to work with.

What are the benefits European Oak Flooring?

European Oak has a beautiful natural colouring. Organic and pleasing, European Oak links your project back to the natural world though its subtle texture and charming tones. This can add a real sense of relaxation and comfort to every project, showing the value of living with special materials such as these.

More striking and exciting tones are also available with this wonderful material. From black floors with deep, rich tones running throughout to crisp white alternatives fir for Scandi-style projects, you are sure to find a European Oak wood floor that fits your specifications.

Oak trees can grow up to 30m in height and 1.5m in diameter. This means that the Oak can be crafted into all manner of shapes and sizes. From extra long planks that are multiple meters long, to Superwide boards which can be up to 300m wide and more intricate patterns with new and interesting dimensions. Should you have a specific or unusual dimensional requirement for your project, European Oak is likely the best species to start with.

European Oak engineered timber flooring is suitable for use in any project. We intelligently match each floor to an appropriate finish, based on tone and texture, to ensure that your European Oak floor will last a lifetime within your project.

Types of European Oak Wood Flooring

There are a variety of different types of European Oak wood flooring.

We craft this species of wood into every format available. To learn more about all of Ted Todd and Woodworks designs, please visit our designs page.

The grade of the oak is an important feature to consider for the look of the floor. For example, prime grade European Oak is clean and uniform with minimal knots, sap, and colour variation while nature grade European Oak has a broad range of these natural characteristics and experiences much more variation across the entire motif of your floor. Think about how clean you want your European Oak to be when considering these floors.

There’s also a multitude of choices in terms of texture, finish, edge detail and most importantly at this stage, colour. Choosing the right colour for your project is the easiest place to start with European Oak wood flooring. If you’re after a dark wood floor for example, order three free samples of your favourites to compare and contrast the look of the floors and get to grips with the beautiful natural variations that feature throughout.

What colour is European Oak Wood Flooring?

Natural European Oak is a natural light, warm creamy colour.

However, there are a multitude of many ways in which we craft our European Oak woods to make interesting and unique tones. These range from almost bleached white, to rich dark tones and almost black. Use your palette to work out whether you want a warm or cool tone, which can either contrast or compliment the other colours in the room.

The techniques that transform the colouring of this wonderful wood include double fuming, heat treating and hand painting. Some affect the colour dramatically, producing incredibly rich colours, whilst others subtly change the colour, remaining very natural and organic.

Installing European Oak Flooring

Fitting a Ted Todd European oak floor should only ever be done by an approved professional.

It starts with considering several factors such as the sub-floor, the layout of the rooms, and other floor coverings that the wood floor will fit alongside. For more details on installing a Ted Todd floor, please see our wood floor installation guide.

Ted Todd European Oak Flooring

You can order up to three free samples of your favourite European Oak wood floors.

Our specification consultants and Design Centre teams are available to help you decide which floors will be most suitable for you project. We are more than happy to talk you through the correct floor for you or refer you to one of our retail partners if the flooring is for your own home.