European Oak Flooring

Oak is woven into centuries of history, having a special place in our architectural and cultural heritage. This European native hardwood has long been associated with strength and durability. With certified wood sourced from well-managed sustainable forests, European oak flooring ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing a wooden floor.


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About European Oak Flooring

European oak flooring covers a wide range of constructions, including both solid and engineered flooring. In solid wood floors, each board or block is crafted from a single piece of wood. European oak engineered flooring is made from layered sections of solid wood, each one running in a different direction to ensure durability and stability, reducing the wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract.

It’s no accident that the vast majority of Ted Todd floors are made using European oak timber. When it comes to interiors, especially flooring, it’s an incredibly versatile wood. Variations due to grade and age produce a range of grain patterns and it can be finished to produce many colours.


What are the benefits European Oak Flooring?

  • Beautiful colour aesthetic
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Diversity

European oak flooring is known for its golden yellowy-brown colouring, with contrasting sap and heartwood colours. Oak trees can grow up to 30m in height and 1,5 m in diameter, resulting in a wide choice of widths and lengths of boards and blocks.

European oak engineered timber flooring is suitable for use in any project, but we would always recommend that you make sure you chose the right finish depending on how much traffic the area will have to cope with. Please talk to our commercial team for commercial projects or your nearest retail partner or Design Centre for projects for your home.

Types of European Oak Wood Flooring

There are a variety of different types of European oak wood flooring. There are planks in widths ranging from 80mm to 400mm, you can also choose from European oak panels as well as herringbone and chevron blocks.

The grade of the oak is an important determinant in the look of the floor. For example, prime grade European oak has been selected for its clean, uniform appearance with minimal knots, sap, and colour variation while nature grade European oak has a broad range of these natural characteristics.

When you add in the colour, texture, and finish, it’s easy to see why there are over 500 floors to choose from in the Ted Todd portfolio.

What colour is European Oak Wood Flooring?

Natural European oak is a natural light, warm creamy colour. However, there are so many ways to produce different finishes that there is a choice of colours for every project. These range from almost bleached white, to natural, to rich dark tones and almost black. Use your palette to work out whether you want a warm or cool tone, which can either contrast or compliment the other colours in the room.

Ultimately, as the range of projects using different colour floors shows, there is no right or wrong. Your Ted Todd European oak floor will outlast many of the soft furnishings it works alongside and should be seen as the foundation of the room that will remain as colour schemes and furnishings change over the years.

Installing European Oak Flooring

Fitting a Ted Todd European oak floor is a job best left to the professionals, especially when it comes to laying herringbone and chevron patterns. It starts by considering a number of factors such as the sub-floor, the layout of the rooms, and other floor coverings that the wood floor will fit alongside. For more details on installing a Ted Todd floor, please see our wood floor installation guide.

Ted Todd European Oak Flooring

Start choosing a Ted Todd European oak floor for your next project. You can order up to three free samples. Our commercial and Design Centre teams are available to help you decide which floors will be most suitable and talk you through the correct floor and finish for your project or refer you to one of our retail partners if the flooring is for your own home.