How we restore

It might be only a small part of what we do, but we have a great passion for restoring antique and reclaimed woods. This is a tricky art and we have gained expertise in this field that we are really proud of.

Understanding & Patience

Most of our old woods come from buildings that have been demolished. Understanding how where the wood has come from, how it has been used and how it has been fixed is crucial. This understanding is the basis of our plan to restore the wood and work out what it can be used for.

We then apply all our know-how and patience, putting in time and plenty of hard work to restore the old wood.  This involves everything from pulling all the old nails out of the wood, (which is something that can only be done by hand) to cleaning and repairing each and every board individually.

Elegant & Breathtaking

Restoring the surface of the floor demands the most time and experience. Our challenge is to make the best elements shine – the lovely patina that has built up, the quality of original wood and make the dirt and grime fade away. A well restored antique floor should feel like a floor that has been cared for over many generations.

Many of our wood floors are destined for projects that will use underfloor/ radiant heating systems and to ensure that these floors do not move, we convert them into an engineered construction. This makes them far more stable and very easy to install.

Our approach to restoring old woods is unique and the end result is elegant, subtle and totally breath taking. We believe that no other company goes to the same lengths we do to bring these treasures back to life.

What to expect from our restored grades

Grade Name & Description Process Description
Reclaimed Raw (As Is) De-Nailed
Reclaimed Restored (Processed & Unfinished) De-Nailed, Dried, Ends Cut, Holes & Splits Unfilled & Polished
Reclaimed Restored & Finished (Processed & Fully Finished) De-Nailed, Dried, Ends Cut, Holes & Splits UnFilled, Polished & Fully Finished
Antique Raw (As Is) (Not Currently For Sale)
Antique Restored (Fully Processed & Unfinished) De-Nailed, Dried, Ends Cut, Holes & Splits Filled & Polished
Antique Restored & Finished (Processed & Fully Finished) De-Nailed, Dried, Ends Cut, Holes & Splits Filled, Polished & Finished

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