Wood grades indicate how many natural features a wood floor has, and they are graded according to the number and size of the features on each board, such as knots, sap and tonal variation. We take grading seriously and hold ourselves to a higher standard than you’ll find elsewhere in the industry – you could even say that we set the grade.

Choosing a Grade

Choosing the grade of your floor is an important part of the specification process and one that many people often overlook. Think about whether you want a super-clean look in your project, or whether you want something that has lots of natural features in it. You may even want something that sits in the middle of the two. There are six key timber grades to consider: prime, select, nature, character, rustic, and genuine reclaimed.

Each Ted Todd and Woodworks engineered, or solid wood floor has a grading which has been defined according to the appearance. Make sure you compare like-for-like to understand which works best for your specifications as there are significant differences in the grades, from extremely clean prime boards to more characterful rustic ones, which offer a different look and feel.

Learn more about the different wood floor grades and their characteristics below.

Barn Grade

Barn Grade

A much heavier grade than rustic. Includes even more knots, heartwood and even longer split ends. Expect colour variation and significant grain detail. Typical of timber that may be found in a countryside barn.


Talk to our sales team for more information on grades and how they would fit with your project.