Elm Flooring

Elm Flooring

Elm wood flooring is one of the rarest and most organic flooring species available. These floors are all crafted using genuine reclaimed, centuries-old, Antique European Elm and are available in the Antique and Carbonised collections.

Each floor is heavily textured, with perfect imperfections of a past life featuring in every floor. Lovingly restored by our master artisans, these floors require a discerning appreciation to specify in projects. All of these floors are handcrafted to order, meaning each begins with a conversation. Get in touch with our expert Woodworks team to begin your Woodworks journey.


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What is Elm Wood Flooring?

Elm wood flooring is exceedingly rich in character, texture and is extremely hard to get your hands on.

In the 1970’s much of the Elm population was devastated by Dutch Elm Disease and because of this, Elm today can only be reclaimed. This means that it had to be used in previous projects, such as private residences, old barns and public spaces. All of our Elm wood floors are over 100 years old, making them reclaimed antique floors.

Years of seasoning in old residencies and barns has granted the Elm a natural deep grain movement and a lustrous patina, that is worked by hand by our master artisans to respect the heritage of the wood.

Each element of these floors are different to the next, packing your project with personality.

Benefits of Elm Wood flooring

Hundreds of years ago, Elm’s resistance to burn made it a popular choice for interiors, with the dual purpose of being fire retardant and a decorative feature.

Nowadays, the value is leans much more to the latter, with the natural beauty of an Elm wood floor being its primary benefit. These are colourings and textures you won’t see anywhere else, linking your project to nature with its organic appearance.

All of our elm flooring has been crafted into interesting flooring designs. These include chequerboard, Parquet de Ardeche and our unique Parquet de Versailles, which matches every element across your floor, a design exclusive to Woodworks.

Elm is also exceedingly durable. These floors have been backed up by a 20mm thick construction, assuring that these elm engineered flooring options will last a lifetime.

Elm Wood Flooring Installation

Elm wood flooring should only ever be installed by a professional fitter, with proper preparations and methods making all the difference.

Once installed, use the appropriate Care Floor System to ensure that the timber retains its individual look throughout the years.

Visit our Design Centres

Our Antique and Reclaimed Elm wood floors require a discerning sense of understanding to use within your residential and commercial projects, therefore we would recommend visiting one of our Design Centres in London or Cheshire, in order to see the boards close up, and experience their beauty first hand.