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Elm Flooring

Exceedingly rich in character and texture, its truly a challenge to beat the rustic charm original face elm offers.

It is extremely hard to get your hands on though…

In the 1970’s much of the Elm population was devastated by Dutch Elm Disease and because of this Elm today can only be acquired from private residences, old barns and public spaces.

Hence our Mayer elm floors and most floors from our Carbonised collection are all crafted using genuine reclaimed, centuries-old, antique European elm.


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What is Elm Wood Flooring?

As mentioned, elm is a rare commodity nowadays, and as a result, we don’t get to work with it as often as we’d perhaps like.

When the opportunity presents itself however, we love to show off the sheer possibilities elm presents – Mayer for example, is crafted into six different intricate designs, including the lesser seen, Parquet de Ardeche, Fingerblock and Chequerboard. Elsewhere, we pay tribute to the ancient Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban, which is the intricate process of charring wood to produce deep, silvery tones that dance across blackened boards.

This antique elm flooring is unique as they come – forcing character into your project through the time-tested grain patterns, original patina and an undulating texture that links you back to nature with each and every touch.

They’re not just visually impressive though. These striking tones and enchanting patterns have been backed up by a 20mm thick construction (perfect for everyday living environments), assuring that these elm engineered flooring options will last a lifetime, capturing your stories for decades to come…

Characteristics of Elm Wood

Years of seasoning in old residencies and barns has granted elm a natural gift in the form of precious deep grain movement, which is certainly to be celebrated. These rare and interesting earthly creations make each plank and shape entirely unique to the next – you’ll never find two the same, meaning your project will be packed with intrigue and personality.

We help this grain flow across the entirety of your room, thanks to hand-rolling of edges in our Cheshire workshop.

Not only that however, we also hand polished the undulations, and finish the boards with burnished hardwax oil, penetrating deep into the natural impurities to protect them for years of timeless beauty.

We put time and effort into every pieces of the 20-stage process our antique elm wood flooring goes through, ensuring that the elegant patina is celebrated as it rightfully deserves.

What are the benefits of Elm Wood flooring?

Hundreds of years ago, elm’s resistance to burn made it a popular choice for interiors, with the dual purpose of being fire retardant and a decorative feature.

Nowadays, the value is leans much more to the latter, with the natural beauty of an elm wood floor being its primary benefit, making it a game changer in terms of interior design. These are patterns you won’t see anywhere else, and certainly not in manmade alternatives.

From a functionality point of view, elm is a seasoned veteran, having a hardness that is exceedingly durable. As such these floors are more than up for the battle against time and traffic.

How to install Elm Wood Flooring

An Elm wood floor is an investment, so we’re certain you want to assure its success in your environment. These floors should only ever be installed by a professional fitter, with proper preparations and methods making all the difference.

Once installed, use the appropriate Care Floor System to ensure that the timber retains its individual look throughout the years.

The best rooms for Elm Wood Flooring

Supplier with a burnished hardwax oil, theses floors are water resistant and are unphased by pets, high traffic and other everyday challenges. So don’t feel limited in where you are use these stunning elm floors.

In fact, we love elm so much, that Mayer takes pride of place within our Cheshire Ted Todd HQ, running through walkways to guide you gleefully from room to room.

It’s a floor that is almost impossible to get bored of, as you’ll find different features and patterns every time you look – if you need a lifetime floor for your project, make it and elm one.

Get started with Woodworks by Ted Todd

These antique elm floors are not ones you’ll find everywhere, and as such, we would recommend you visit one of our Design Centres in London or Cheshire, in order to see the boards close up, and experience their beauty first hand.

You can order samples of Carboninsed woods too, if you so wish.