Our Handcrafted Aged Wood

Floors with subtle imperfections

Emulating wood floors that have been walked on for centuries, we’ve crafted our Aged wood to embody all of the characteristics of our favourite antique wood floors.

Aged French Oak

Aged French Oak

Every Aged floor has been crafted from the finest French Oak from Quercy. We chose this Oak for its lovely decorative grain, intricate medullary rays and characterful array of knots & burrs. We approach making these floors in very much the same way that we would restore an antique floor.


The beauty of imperfections

The beauty of imperfections

Every board is worked by hand and is totally unique. We understand each and every board and we work it so that we make the most of its features. From the knots, cracks and residual saw marks no two pieces of this floor are alike. This is a floor that celebrates the beauty of its imperfections.

Good things take time to make


The French Oak that we use in our Aged wood floors is seasoned for a minimum of 24 months.

These years of seasoning draw out the beautiful shape, texture and movement that makes our Aged Oak floors so special.

This is just the first stage of a long journey that will take the finest French Oak and transform it into a beautiful Aged floor.

Details worked by hand


Each and every element in our Aged floors has a gently rolled edge detail.

This creates a softness in your floor as the undulations within each plank continue through the joints between them. All of this work is done by hand to ensure that your Aged floor feels like it has been in use for generations.

Lots of the hand work we undertake is very subtle and is only perceptible in the completed floor. Hand samples unfortunately cannot give you an accurate representation of how beautiful these floors are. We always recomend visiting our Design Centres to view large scale panels.

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A considered approach


We are inspired by the natural aging of an old wood floor where the floor has evolved in many different ways depending on where it has been used and how much wear and tear it has experienced.

To ensure that our Aged floors encapsulate these features we take every board we work on its own merits. Hand working it to bring out the very best in Oak’s natural features.

This approach encourages our craftsmen to make their own interpretations as to what works best and this approach delivers a floor with unique aged textures and features.

Scrubbed knots, saw marks and more


This will include scrubbed knots where the hardness of the knot demands that is sits slightly proud to the floor.

Saw marks that will vary in intensity from very subtle to being more pronounced. Repaired splits both through the body of a board and on the ends. And finally, undulations through the floor that will vary depending on how each piece of wood has seasoned over time.

We sometimes get asked for Aged floors with some of these features left out, but this would be a contradiction as it is all these features that define what an Aged floors is.


Emulating wood floors that have been walked on for centuries, our Aged wood floors collection embodies all the characteristics of our favourite antique wood floors.