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Workspace projects demand flooring solutions and wall cladding options versatile enough to deliver the right look for the brief, whether modern or traditional. Office flooring options have to be durable and increasingly, need to support biophilic and environmentally friendly design.

Hardwood flooring delivers on all fronts. The choice of colour, species, finishes and designs available means that there is something for every workspace flooring project. It works well with other flooring choices such as carpet tiles, allowing designers to create office space, break-out and communal areas within the scheme. As a natural flooring choice, it also provides an important connection to nature that luxury vinyl and other plastic-based alternatives can’t match.

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Our Workspace Projects

What Is Wooden Workspace Flooring?

Wood is often mixed with other flooring material in different workspace areas depending on the volume of traffic and the look and feel required. As wood flooring is a natural product, it has the added benefit of helping to deliver biophilic design, which aims to build nature into workspace environments in order to improve a sense of wellbeing, engagement and productivity among employees.

Not all wood floors however, are created equal, and Ted Todd hardwood floors and wall cladding stand out from other companies in a number of ways. We only sell wood flooring, ensuring we have the best choice in the market. Many of our floors are designed and manufactured in our Cheshire workshops, allowing us to work with clients to deliver custom and bespoke options. Most importantly, we never compromise on quality and offer FSC and PEFC certification at no extra cost.

Different Types of Wood Suitable for Office Flooring?

Ted Todd have vast experience of working with clients to provide office floor options and can advise on the most suitable floor or wall cladding for any project. There are a number of considerations that will determine which wood floor is most suitable for a workspace project including foot traffic, slip resistance, fire rating and environmental requirements, other materials they will be used alongside, as well as colour and design considerations. As well as planks, chevron and herringbone blocks or panels, from narrow to superwide options, Ted Todd offers engineered and solid wood flooring in a choice of depths, construction and finishes as well as a bespoke service if required.

What are the benefits of a retail wood floor over a concrete floor?

There are a plethora of advantages when using wood flooring as opposed to concrete. First of all, the warmth that wood produces makes your spaces feel comforting familiar, and links them back to the natural world with their familiar sound, feel under foot and look. This look also screams individuality and character throughout every board and block, with natural knots and grain patterns drawing the eye effectively. Construction-wise, wood floors are just as durable, with many of our floors hosting a long-lasting wear layer, making our floors a lifetime choice at the heart of your project – and should you wish to change things up in future, your floor is recyclable, meaning you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint. Last of all, all of our commercial flooring options are easy to maintain thanks to their carefully considered oiled or lacquered finish. Some requiring just a simple sweep, and a small amount of elbow grease to keep the floor shining through the years.

Flooring Over Alternatives Like Vinyl & Laminate Flooring

At Ted Todd, we only sell wood. We love the fact that it’s a natural material, is environmentally friendly and can be used to create so many different looks. And as so many historic buildings are testament to, wood floors last for centuries not just decades if cared for properly. Laminate and vinyl floors cannot make all these claims. Increasingly, concerns about emissions from plastic-based floors mean that more workspace projects are turning away from these products, towards zero emission alternatives like hardwood flooring. Ted Todd also have a choice of finishes to ensure that each floor has the built-in durability required for different areas of workspace projects.

What Are The Benefits of Office Wooden Floors Over Carpet Tiles?

Given the creative requirements of office spaces, its not an either or. Mixing different material with wood floors such as carpet tiles is a good way of breaking up different spaces within an office and we often see them work well together. Wood floors undoubtable add impact as the Ted Todd gallery demonstrates like no other material. Mix colours and patterns to add interest and impact.

What Rooms In A Workspace Are Suitable for Hardwood Floors?

Wood is a popular and cost effective choice for Workspace projects, from company headquarters, offices or shared workspaces including canteen and kitchen areas. For many companies, the look, age and design of the wood flooring used is an ideal way of reinforcing and enhancing the company’s brand through the workspace design. The choice of wood floor options means they can be easily tailored to different design schemes, whether it’s bespoke patterns for a statement reception area, rich dark aged wood in boardrooms and libraries or smooth, light expanses of wood flooring across an office space.

Our Workspace Flooring Projects

Ted Todd floors and wall cladding have been used in workspace projects of all sizes and budgets. Some of our favourites include The Birchwood Building, a modern, welcoming workplace that offers flexible and inviting office spaces with a residential feel and offices in St James, London, which were restored to create grand meeting rooms, contemporary breakout areas and tranquil sleep pods that are quirky and cool but still have a quintessentially British feel.

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You can order up to three free samples of any of our floors via the website. Our team are available to help you decide which floors may be most suitable and talk you through the correct finish for your project.

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Ordering your new wood flooring solution from Ted Todd is quick and easy, simply call our team on the number at the top of the page or fill out an enquiry form and we will happily get your chosen floor ordered for you quickly and easily.

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