Behind the Style of Residence

Created for discerning tastes, our most seamless and versatile floors to date pay homage to prime interiors worldwide. Ahead of the much-anticipated launch of Residence we partnered up with industry-leading designer Amanda Corston to showcase the full potential of our new collection.

Motcombs Narrow Herringbone, Residence Collection
Motcombs Narrow Herringbone, Residence Collection

Style in Design

As an esteemed creative consultant, Amanda has worked with leading brands from M&S to House of Fraser. Her repertoire features projects ranging from advertising to film. With her experienced eye for detail, Amanda crafts inspiring interiors where modern beauty meets function.

The project features décor from our friends at ABASK, curated purveyors of artisanal design. We partnered with ABASK last year, introducing an exclusive range of reclaimed and antique wood kitchenware from Woodworks by Ted Todd. The collection includes chopping and charcuterie boards that highlight the inherent, natural beauty of wood, from live edges to intricate grain patterns. Discover the Woodworks by Ted Todd collection here.

Amanda hand-selected each ABASK piece used in the project, choosing from a wide range of designers for a result that had both variety and harmony.

“I wanted to create a modern and refined interiors that reflected the feeling and ambition of the Residence collection,” says Amanda, “a design driven less by trends that felt classic and elegant.”

Curated Collections

Nothing says ‘refined taste’ like an interior that unashamedly reflects yourself. With curation comes authenticity, an element of design that can be felt as soon as you step into the room.

“The biggest trend in interiors now is more about curation,” comments Amanda. “It’s all in the mix; it’s how you layer up and put together different looks and elements to create a personalised look.”

The project featured two floors from the new collection – Motcombs, a sophisticated light option, and Bloomfield, a double-fumed floor and the darkest tone in the offer. While both spaces were styled similarly in Amanda’s contemporary style, the furnishings and other décor elements were carefully selected to create a distinct aesthetic that matched each floor’s characteristics.

Yellow Topaz Hand-Blown Murano Glass Vase by Stories of Italy - ABASK UK | Motcombs Narrow Herringbone, Residence Collection
Yellow Topaz Hand-Blown Murano Glass Vase by Stories of Italy – ABASK UK | Motcombs Narrow Herringbone, Residence Collection

With Motcombs, Amanda chose furnishings in light earth tones to complement the floor’s honeyed glow. Jewel tones and brighter accents have been intentionally placed within the otherwise minimalistic colour palette. This room’s styling features a hand-blown crystal vase in dappled shades of yellow and orange, an eye-catching accent in the neutral-toned space.

Bloomfield’s styling is a little more dramatic, embracing its deep and cool hues. The considered use of statement pieces such as an oversized gold link paperweight or a contemporary resin vase adds tailored character to the space.

White Alamo Resin Vase by Revolution of Forms - ABASK UK | Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection
White Alamo Resin Vase by Revolution of Forms – ABASK UK | Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection

The Charles – a contemporary Peroba wood desk by Andrew Martin, adds a sleek and sophisticated edge to the room design with clean lines, solid drawer fronts, and a striking black gunmetal stainless steel base. 

Taking curation even further, Residence delivers this versatility in three fully compatible designs – plank, chevron, and herringbone – allowing you to tailor your interiors to your tastes. With a multitude of laying patterns at your disposal, it’s never been easier to attain your ambition by blending different formats or tones.

Bloomfield, Residence Collection Moodboard
Bloomfield, Residence Collection

Curved Design

Curved lines juxtaposed with the rigidity of functional architecture is a current trend that Amanda loves. Pipped by Homes & Gardens as ‘a classic in the making‘,  opting for a sofa with fluid curves can create a strong statement.

The sofas in both rooms were designed and crafted by British manufacturers Sedilia, a furniture designer known for their fluidity and hand-picked by Amanda for this reason.

She notes, “curvaceous, soft lines and organic shapes give some pieces an almost sculptural quality.”

Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection
Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection

This design decision mirrors the patterns found in the natural world, where organic shapes and gentle curves prevail over rigid structures – a trend that is here to stay.

Organic shapes such as the Rocaille Vase from ABASK play into this trend and look striking when styled alongside the uniform angles of Bloomfield Chevron.

Black Brass candle holders from ABASK | Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection
These Black Brass candle holders from ABASK were used to style both spaces in the photoshoot, sitting atop each square fireplace in interesting contrast | Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection

Artisanal Aesthetic

ABASK showcases the very best in design from over 200 independent artisans, a quality which made them an obvious choice for Residence. The charm of adding artisanal craftmanship into your interior will transform your space from conventional to bespoke. Simply adding small accents such as these delicate hand-blown vases return the human touch to interior design, creating a considered, lived-in space.

“I love the character you find in a design made with human hands, and the textural tactility and warmth that derives from that,” says Amanda.

Yellow BV60 Flower Hand-Blown Crystal Vase by Lobmeyr - ABASK UK | Motcombs Narrow Herringbone, Residence Collection
Yellow BV60 Flower Hand-Blown Crystal Vase by Lobmeyr – ABASK UK | Motcombs Narrow Herringbone, Residence Collection

Amanda notes that “flooring provides the foundation of good design; it’s meant to last.” When it comes to flooring, we design collections that blend trends, meet demand, and drive innovation. Residence exemplifies our commitment to fine commercial craft, and the results shown in this new collection speak to this.

The square shoulder edge design delivers a sleek, bevel-free appearance across the floor’s surface. This refined quality harks back to the charm of traditionally installed floors, evoking a sense of timelessness. Whether you’re designing a contemporary living room or a functional office space, bevel free flooring adds sophistication without compromising on practicality.

All the floors in this collection are crafted from prime-grade material. This classification ensures exceptional quality and a clean, uniform appearance. The straight grain and consistent colour elevate the flooring, making it a top choice for discerning homeowners and designers alike.

The clean lines of contemporary interiors further highlight the texture and tactile nature of bespoke furnishings – and the brushed texture of Residence floors. Imperfections are inevitable with the artisanal choices, which only adds to the character of your scheme.

Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection
Bloomfield Chevron, Residence Collection

Amanda loves the emerging craft trends, saying, “I would much prefer to buy a hand-crafted artisanal piece over something mass produced in a factory that you can find the world over.”

Looking Forward

We talked to Amanda about the potential in the new collection, and where she might take its styling next.

“I love the warm, honey tones of Lowndes,” she says. “It would partner well with the earthy tones that are forecasted next season. I would layer this floor up with different materials such as marble, expressive wood, stones, and natural textiles.”

The Residence collection, curated here by Amanda Corston, seamlessly blends modern elegance with refined design. From the cool and light Kinnerton to the full-toned Wiston, each piece reflects meticulous curation. These floors embrace organic qualities and mineral tones which when paired with artisanal craftsmanship, cater to discerning tastes. With a commitment to quality and design, Residence floors are not just a choice but a statement of style and luxury, offering a versatile foundation for creating personalised and sophisticated spaces – whatever your project vision.

Amanda Smith-Corston

Styling by:

Amanda Smith-Corston

Interiors Stylist and Creative Consultant