The finest Oak

English Oak is an exceptional variety and is revered for being the finest oak in this species.

Due to being wilder, more naturally grown, this wood features an incredible natural grain pattern throughout the logs. These pedunculate logs are very different to the tall sensile Oaks from commercial forests.

It’s also slowly grown, meaning that the growth rings inside are much tighter than in quicker grown woods, with the hue being richer in colour as a result too.

This wood is amongst the densest oaks available, making it an incredibly durable choice for your floor.

Perhaps most importantly, when quarter sawn, this wood features the broadest medullary rays of any oak. These are beautiful natural veins that run across the planks.


English wood

We source from local woodlands and bring the wood to our English workshops to transform it into the engineered floor, Galion.

Named Galion in homage to centuries old ships made using the same traditional techniques and fine English Oak we use today.

Hand rolled details, polishing and careful finishing ensure that this wonderful wood is never disrespected and is ready for life at the heart of your project.



Quarter sawn

We saw our English Oak logs in the same manner which they have done for hundreds of years. This method is known as quarter sawing.

By doing this you get a little less usable wood from each log, but the wood has the best stability as quarter sawn Oak mainly moves in its thickness and not in its width.

By quarter sawing this English Oak you also get the most wonderful grain patterns throughout the wood, wonderfully thick medullary rays, sometimes wild and wondering grain patterns and all pulled together with a rich, warm tones that are unique to English Oak.

The result is a stunning wood floor that is seldom seen today.


Pushing dimensions further

Our English Oak planks are dimensionally impressive and amongst the largest in our Woodworks collections.

Provided as random width floor, the different widths add interest to the floor, which was how floors were always made pre-20th century. The narrower widths adding scale and proportion to the wider boards.

With long lengths of up to 4m, and with widths from 100mm to 280mm, this is an exceptional floor.

We make these floors with an extra thick 8mm hardwood wear layer. This is a floor designed to last many lifetimes even in the most demanding environments.


Gentle movement

Undulating woods have the most movement and natural feeling of all wood flooring.

In Galion, our engineered English Oak floor, we have created undulations that emulates and pays homage to the feeling that would feature throughout old English homes.

The edge detail, which is worked by hand in our workshops, helps to further emphasise the vertical movement in the planks.

This texture may also be described a distressed but is smooth, refined and painstakingly original such is the feeling it produces underfoot.


Naturally slow cured

Our English Oak wood floors have a naturally slow cured finish.

Every application is slowly air dried for several days before the next application is made. This gives each layer time to naturally harden as it reacts with the oxygen in the air.

As the layers build up, we create English Oak floors that not only feel very natural and but are extremely durable.


A truly English material

As the world becomes increasingly international, we are increasingly interested in locally sourced materials.

This wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests across Great Britain.

We source our English Oak logs from windblown stock, commercial forests and also as part of good estate management.

Visit our sustainability hub to find out about our environmental benefits.


Limited availability

We require a very precise size and grade of English Oak logs to make these floors and unfortunately these are difficult to source.

Please be aware that we only produce a limited quantity of Galion each year and we would advise that large projects are reserved well in advance of the required installation date.

By doing so we can assure that your English Oak floor is available for your project and we also supply handmade architectural details to compliment your floor.


Centuries of usage

English Oak has forever been revered as the finest of materials.

William the Conqueror established a system of forest law. He made the felling of these incredible oak trees forbidden in an effort to preserve the environment for his hunting escapades.

This sparked yet more preservation of this fine wood through private residencies and parklands.

Many ancient oak trees protected in this manner grew to large heights, with wide canopies. The most famous being the ‘Major Oak’ in Sherwood Forest. It is said that Robin Hood and his men sheltered from the Sherriff of Nottingham beneath its wide reach.

Thousands of these same oaks went on to be used for the Mary Rose, HMS Victory and Westminster Hall, shaping the landscape of architecture and vessel-building in Britain.

With approximately 120 million still standing in Britain today, the material will continue to be used throughout the next centuries.


English Oak flooring is unique due to its authentic feeling which preserves the legacy of wood flooring used in historical British buildings throughout the centuries.

Our English Oak flooring is very special and we make Galion in a traditional manner that is seldom seem today.


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