Tajibo Flooring

Tajibo flooring, also often referred to as Ipe or Lapacho, is a South Amercian species that grows in humid subtropical forests.

Similarly, to Morado the timber can be found in Bolivia, from trees maturing at around 25 metres tall.

This is an uncommonly seen exotic wood contains dark and blackish heartwoods, with the sapwood being a much lighter (even yellowish) in colour; as such you should expect beautiful colour variations throughout every board.


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What is Tajibo Wood Flooring?

Our Tajibo wood flooring comes in the form of Birnham, a prefinished satin lacquered floor, with a micro bevel profile.

Part of our Specialist woods collection, this floor hosts intense golden hues that contrast with spraying dark brown colours and swirling grain patterns, creating natural looking Tajibo floorboards that add warmth and character to projects with ease.

Available in plank and herringbone format, these 19mm thick South American boards are perfect for use on any surface. Plus, with planks available in lengths of up to 1400mm, you can create an amazing design with these Tajibo wood floors.

Characteristics of Tajibo Wood Flooring

The Tajibo wood species is known primarily for its delightful natural range of colours. From greenish browns to golden shimmers to intense black highlights, you can expect a wide range of colour variation, with no two boards or blocks every truly being the same. As such, you’ll find something new to draw your eye every time you visit a Birnham surface, keeping your project fresh forever.

What are the benefits of Tajibo Wood Flooring?

Tajibo wood properties make for both aesthetic and durability benefits to your projects.

Outside of the plethora of beautiful tones mentioned earlier this timber stands out due to its extreme solidity, thank to it having been slow-grown and air-dried. Its dense, heavy and hardwearing.

A predominantly, straight-grained wood with mild tranquil tones the mood produced by Tajibo is one of understated calmness.

How to install Tajibo Wood Flooring

We recommend that a professional floor fitter or competent tradesperson installs any Ted Todd or Woodworks by Ted Todd flooring. Correct subfloor preparation, installation methods and finishing touches make all the difference.

Download our wood flooring installation guide for more information.

The best rooms for Tajibo Wood Flooring

Tajibo will lighten and experience tonal changes slowly and naturally throughout the passing of time as it oxidizes to your environment, meaning your project will hold nature in it throughout its entirety. Due to a 6mm wear layer, the boards and block can be sanded when necessary, so you can return the wood to its ‘just bought’ feeling for decade and beyond.

As a result of this time denying construction, Birnham is well at home in any space looking to pack to natural tones and character – be it for a cosy lounge area, or a bustling pub floor this exotic wood will feel perfect in place.

Get started with Ted Todd

The best place to start with Ted Todd is by experiencing these woods close up either by ordering three of your favourite floors as free samples, or by visiting one of our Design Centres based in Cheshire or London.