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Every member of the commercial team is a wood floor expert with extensive knowledge of their sector and years of flooring experience to help with your project.


If you’re looking for wood floors for high end, residential or multi-unit developments; whether you’re an architect, designer, developer or residential flooring contractor, Ted Todd offers engineered and solid wood options for floors and walls designed to perfectly match the style, requirements and budget of your project.

Unlike other flooring companies, we only work with wood. We help customers find flooring solutions, helping them choose the right species, colour, specification and finish, with many floors made on-site at our Cheshire workshops. The choice of colours and designs ensures that there is always a floor to fit the interior design brief and a wide range of finishes means they can be as durable as required.

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Our Residential Projects

What is residential wood flooring?

No two residential projects are the same. What all have in common though, is the need for the space to be a home, to offer comfort, style and function. Wood floors are perfectly suited to deliver on all three counts. They are a natural, sustainable option that deliver warmth and comfort. Ted Todd floors elevate residential projects, delivering sustainable, great looking wood that will last for decades.

What Are The Different Types of Wood Suitable For Your Premium Flooring Project?

Engineered wood is most architects and designers’ first choice over solid wood flooring for residential wood flooring, due to its stability and the ability to use it with underfloor heating. Both reclaimed and antique wood can be engineered as part of the restoration process making these floors suitable to work in modern interiors. Ted Todd has been supplying new, reclaimed and antique engineered planks and parquet for commercial projects for over 25 years and pride ourselves on being able to deliver a look you can’t get anywhere else. Durability is another key factor with different projects having very different requirements. The thickness of the wood and the wear layer determine whether the floor is a long-life choice. The majority of Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd floors are either 15 or 20mm thick with respective 4 and 6mm wear layers. Having a wide choice of planks, parquet or panels and being able to use a mix of these is important for commercial residential projects.  The width and length of planks and the size of herringbone and chevron blocks will depend on the scale of the room and the design you want to create. The vast number of options that Ted Todd floors help architects and designers realise their vision and deliver great looking spaces.

Why Choose Wood for Residential Flooring Over Alternatives Like Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The number of flooring choices for projects can be overwhelming, especially when also considering the number of wood effect flooring options. Wood is a natural product, and its increasing important for clients to want to be surrounded in their homes by materials that originate in nature rather than from a mix of chemicals and plastics, however much they look like the real thing. Unlike manmade alternatives, with real wood flooring from Ted Todd, there is no chance that chemicals will leech into the air, making it a good choice to reduce risk allergies and promote long term health. Ted Todd wood floors are durable. Our floors can be re-sanded and refinished to look like new, making them a good sustainable choice for projects and a one-off investment for clients. You only have to look at historic houses, many which still have original wood floors that are many hundreds of years old to see what a sound choice a good quality, long life wood floor is for residential projects.

What Room Types Are Suitable For A Ted Todd Residential Wood Floor?

There is a wood floor for every size and function of room.  The shape of the room and the rooms intersect will determine the best formats for different design styles and layouts. Another consideration is the age of the property and whether the project is a new build, renovation or extension. Ted Todd floors are a great choice for all three, delivering premium flooring using engineered new wood floors in new-build residential properties or using Woodworks by Ted Todd floors where old and new need to work together. Matching new floors to old makes reclaimed a good choice, or where old and new need to work together aged or antique wood can be an ideal choice. For high end, luxury residential projects, wood floors with original patina and centuries of provenance are highly sought after.

What Makes Real Wood The Ideal Solution for Luxury Kitchen Flooring?

One area of the home that wood floors are particularly suited to are open plan kitchen, dining and living areas. While there may be many materials to choose from for luxury kitchen flooring ideas, real wood delivers the comfort, style and durability that integrates the design of these spaces. Wood floors are easy to clean, at Ted Todd we have developed Floorcare systems to work with all our finishes and a choice of finishes that can deal with the demands and traffic in kitchen areas. Wood floors work well when combined with other modern surface finishes such as concrete and metal.

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