Light Wood Flooring

Light Wood Flooring

Most of the woods that we see in Europe and North America are used to craft light wood flooring. The colours are often natural and organic, linking your project to nature with their subtle tones and interesting textures.

We transform these woods into solid light flooring and engineered light wood flooring. They come in different designs including the classic plank, herringbone, and chevron, as well as more intricate designs such as design panels and end grain flooring.

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Popular Light Wood Flooring

Many of our popular light wood floors are from the Classic Naturals collection. These floors have characteristics that have been popular for centuries, but with modern innovations these floors are made to be classics of tomorrow.

These floors have the thickest hardwood wear layers and are all engineered with the very best furniture grade birch plywood. All the woods we use are environmentally certified, and we only work with woods that have full chain of custody provided. This means all our light wood flooring can help your project achieve its sustainability goals.

From the light coloured Almond in our Project collection, through to our handcrafted antique floor, Franklin, we have a light flooring option for every space and project.

What are the best rooms to install Light Wood Flooring?

Light coloured engineered wood flooring have several different applications.

In dark rooms, a white wood floor can allow one surface (floor/wall/ceiling) to shine at the centre of your project, making a strong design a statement when contrasting the darker tones elsewhere.

Both small and large spaces can reap the benefits of light-coloured wood floors too. In a large rooms the colour can make a perfect backdrop, and in smaller zones the floor can pack in some much-needed character, whilst being easier to maintain in such.

What are the benefits of Light Coloured Wood Floors?

Light colours age well as you slowly build a patina with the finish getting warmer and warmer over the decades, holding comfort and a feeling of safety within your projects.

The organic and natural tones link your project to nature and provide a serene sense to both commercial and residential projects.
We’ve seen many a trend come and go, but with light wood flooring, you’re certain to be using a flooring option that stand the test of time. These colours are enduring and exciting.

Another benefit you’ll find with these coloured floors is that they tend to work very well with bold paints and darker colour schemes, contrasting their intensity against softer coloured timbers. A perfect pair.

How do you install Light Hardwood Floors?

Engineered and solid light wood flooring can easily be installed by an experienced professional fitters – please don’t attempt to install a Ted Todd or Woodworks by Ted Todd by yourself.

If you’re looking for a fitter, we would be happy to recommend some, and have handy installation guides at the ready when you need such.

How do you care for Light Coloured Wood Floors?

Caring for light coloured wood floors should be done using either Care System 1 or 2, just be sure to double check the finish before applying either of them. We even have Care Systems 3 and 4 for white wood floors, so be sure to check your floor’s specification sheet before purchasing a care system.

Visit our Floorcare Store to shop for light wood flooring care systems.

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We’ll also be in touch to discuss your project to ensure that the wood have you chosen is a strong fit and answer any questions you might have about your light wood flooring.