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Most of the woods that we see in Europe and North America fit in the category of being light woods which we can use to make light wood flooring. This is because these light woods are the temperate hardwoods found in this part of the world. Oak, Maple, Ash, Beech, Sycamore are examples, to name just a few.

We make some of these woods into solid light flooring and engineered light wood flooring. They come in different designs from narrow plank widths all the way up to Superwide planks, herringbone, chevron, and handmade panels. Ted Todd has been designing and making floors out of temperate woods since 1993 and decades of innovation and creativity have enabled us to redefine what light hardwood floors can be and we lead the way in making the very most from these brilliant light woods.


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What is Light Coloured Wood Flooring?

Light coloured wood floors are often described as being natural, because the woods look straight from nature. Ted Todd have spent many years developing treatments and finishes that build on this naturally light feel. From gently brushing out the grain to creating finishes that almost feel unfinished, these are advances that all aim to further the natural appeal of wood.

The largest development over the recent decade has been the growth in the use of underfloor heating. This drove the switch from solid wood flooring to engineered floors. Solid wood floors are a brilliant multi-generational investment. However, most people struggle to live with movement that you encounter over underfloor heating so engineered wood floors have filled this space.

We pioneered the development of wide plank floors. This all started when we took the knowledge we had in making reclaimed pine floors from old beams and applied this to new natural oak.

When the world had only been used to 2 ¼” (55mm) and 3 ¼ ” (83mm) wide floors, our wide planks were a revolution. Our wide planks made wood floors a feature in every smart house and not the school gym.

Our customers came to recognise the benefits of living with a natural product – every board is different, and you constantly see things in the floor that you have never seen before – a quirky bit of grain pattern or knots that are quite comical. The other part of a wood floor that our customers came to like was that they last.

In almost every other floor covering you don’t need to keep on replacing it once or twice a decade, but if cared for, Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd floors don’t need a full renovation for a long time. When they do they come back to life like they are brand-new again. Light wood floors are simple and easy in this respect as they only ever set out to look real and natural. Just a simple as nature intended.

What is the Best Light Wood Flooring?

The best light coloured wood floor we make is in our Classic Naturals collection. Classic might sound a bit dull in today’s design-led world, but these floors are made to be classics of tomorrow.

No corners are cut in how we make light wood flooring. They have the thickest hardwood wear layers and are all engineered with the very best furniture grade birch plywood. All the woods we use are certified (by either FSC or PEFC) and this hasn’t changed since we started working with new woods all of those years ago.

Our entry-level wood floors in our Project collection also have some great light coloured options. Almond & Petworth are both light-toned and come in wide plank, extra wide plank and also a herringbone.

Natural Light Oak Flooring

On the other hand, Otis is a floor handmade by our Woodworks team and this is probably the ultimate light coloured wood floor. It looks effortless, but it is probably one of the most challenging floors we have ever developed. It is as near to being totally natural as we can get. The finish, which is very durable, has special pigments that keep the wood looking raw and unfinished. It is also UV light resistant, which means it will keep on looking this way throughout the years to come. Finally, the floor has no visible bevels, in fact you struggle to see how the boards sit together so comfortably; this is because we carefully hand-roll the edges to pillow one board into each other. The result is the perfect, natural light oak flooring.

What are the best rooms to install Light Wood Flooring?

Light coloured engineered wood flooring has several different appropriate uses, thanks to its natural light colours and subtle grain patterns.

In dark rooms, a white wood floor can allow one surface (floor/wall/ceiling) to shine at the centre of your project, making a strong design a statement when contrasting the darker tones elsewhere.

Both small and large spaces can reap the benefits of light coloured wood floors too. In a large room the grain pattern and unique colourings can spill across the floor to show off the very best wood has to offer, and in smaller zones the floor can pack in some much-needed character, whilst being easier to maintain in such.

Perhaps most effectively however, given that we have a wide array of white and light wood floors, you can really run free with your design. Why not lay a herringbone floor in one room, planks across a large space and cladding along walls? These light brownish and white tones combine easily and seamlessly, meshing entire homes and buildings together.

What are the benefits of Light Coloured Wood Floors?

Light colours age well as you slowly build a patina with the finish getting warmer and warmer over the decades, holding comfort and a feeling of safety within your projects.

No part of the interiors scheme more a part of the fabric of the property, so fashion can come and go over a light toned wood floor and the floor will keep on doing a great job. We’ve seen many a trend come and go, but with light wood flooring, you’re certain to be using a flooring option that battles back against the tests time offers.

Another benefit you’ll find with these coloured floors is that they tend to work immensely well with bold paints and darker colour schemes, contrasting their intensity against softly speaking timbers. This also means that your project is versatile, allowing you to change colour schemes and extra details without having to replace the entire spine of the project.

For Light Coloured Flooring, what are the difference between real wood and laminate flooring?

Real wood floors do a great job when you are looking for a natural, light coloured design. Sometimes matching this look is difficult, and in some cases, impossible to match using alternative materials.

Tiles, laminate, LVT and vinyl all struggle to compare against simple natural real wood; their biggest issue being that they cannot begin to stand up again the real-world feeling that wood offers, both physically under the fingers, and figuratively in the emotions they invoke.

The other issue they have is the pattern repeat. Unlike a real wood where every board in every floor is unique, manmade floors are a repeat of a few boards and you see the same board popping up over and over again across your floor – that doesn’t happen in nature!

Also, consider the environmental impacts that a manmade option such as laminate flooring has. These are not lifetime options and will need replacing time and time again, with them often containing non-recyclable materials and chemicals that damage the planet.

How do you install Light Hardwood Floors?

Engineered and solid light wood flooring can easily be installed by an experienced professional fitter – please don’t attempt to install a Ted Todd or Woodworks by Ted Todd by yourself!

If you’re looking for a fitter, we would be happy to recommend some, and have handy installation guides at the ready when you need such.

How do you care for Light Coloured Wood Floors?

Caring for light coloured wood floors should be done using either Care System 1 or 2, just be sure to double check the finish before applying either of them. Visit our Floorcare Store to shop for light wood flooring care systems.

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