Morado Wood Flooring

Morado flooring, also known as Bolivian Rosewood flooring, is a high-quality, stunningly decorative timber that brings intense South American beauty to any surface.

Grown in South America, the rosewood tree matures to incredible sizes of up to 100 feet. Whilst it is most commonly known to originate in Bolivia, you can also find Central American and Brazilian Rosewood. We sustainably source this Morado and set about transforming it into a floor fit for everyday life.

The Morado wood floor we create is called Darwin, which is available in both plank and herringbone. This floor, from our Specialist Woods collection, has great beauty and hardness and is known for its rich rosewood colour, which warms rooms and surfaces. Darwin is satin lacquered to give a smooth finish, highlighting the contrasting black streaks of the grain, making for tremendous colour variation across the boards and blocks.


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What is Morado Wood Flooring?

Part of our Specialist Woods collection our is Morado wood flooring, Darwin.

Deriving from FSC certified forests this sustainably sourced exotic timber brings a punch intrigue and interest to every project, linking such back to the rainforests of Bolivia and Brazil.

With a 19mm thickness and a 6mm wear layer this is a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime with appropriate care and attention, plus the satin lacquered finish has a natural feel with a deep patina, bringing out the incredible dark-to-medium colours.

Floors made from Morado are very similar in origin and colour to South American counterpart Tajibo wood, which is also often known as Lapacho or Ipe wood flooring.

What are the benefits of Morado Wood Flooring?

Darwin is ideal for interior projects requiring elegance and durability.

Black streaks and stripes burst through lighter natural browns, creating a truly distinctive look, with hues that you are unlikely to find in more common timbers. As a result, Darwin forces character into your project, making an undeniable design statement in both private and commercial spaces.

Also adding a major injection of individuality is the flourishing grain pattern that is commonplace in Morado wood flooring. These circular and swirling shapes are a reminder of the seamless beauty the natural world is able to produce, granting a relaxing, environmentally friendly feel to your upcoming interiors.

Pair these qualities of appearance with the sustainable finish and dimensions we engineer and you have a floor fit to take pride of place at the heart of your rooms for years to come.

How to install Morado Wood Flooring

Installation of any Ted Todd wood floor should only ever be attempted by a professional as proper subfloor and wall preparation, as well as all the finer details, makes all the difference. Should any fitting and installation guides be required, download our wood floor fitting guide.

Darwin is suitable for usage in both commercial and personal situations, and being splash resistant it is particularly effective in kitchen and bar areas; plus, at 19mm thick, these boards and herringbone blocks are ideal for use over underfloor heating.

Once installed, care for your Morado floor using Care System 1 and it will care for you, ageing gracefully at the spine of your project.

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