Our primary talents may lie in creating fine wood floors, but we at Ted Todd also love to tell stories. Here in our Journal, you’ll find tales of development and inspiration, stories about the different woods we use, how we sourced them, and tips and ideas to make your project shine.

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A Six-Sided Marvel – The Hexagon

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A Six-Sided Marvel – The Hexagon

Complement Your Floor with a Rug

Spotlight: J Foster Architects

Spring Home Decor Trends

Scandinavian Style Wood Flooring

Tree Life Cycle

Slow Interiors With Elysian Co. Studios

A Brief History Of Wood Floors

Honest Craftsmanship: with Rob Glassey

Forestry: Working with Nature

Spotlight: Caroline Riddell Interiors

Interior Design Trends 2024

2024 Home Interior Design Trends

How to Choose the Right Dining Room Flooring

Spotlight: The SpaceMaker Interiors

Quiet Luxury: The New Home Trend

New Woodworks by Ted Todd Floors 2023

New Ted Todd Floors 2023

How Wood Flooring Could Increase Your Property Value

Woodworks – A Modern Heritage Story

Exclusive luxury products launched with Abask

Interior Styling with Dark Wood Floors

Eco-Style With Reclaimed Wood Flooring

How To Style Grey Wood Flooring

Transform Your Home With Oak Flooring

Protect your floor this summer

Introducing our Woodworks New York Showroom

Timeless English Country Interiors

Techniques to inspire: The Art of Yakisugi

Designer Profile with Chikako Kanamoto

Spotlight: Our Green House Reno

Japanese design principles for interior styling

Maker to Maker: Gareth Neal

Define & Design: With Mathilde Le Villain [Ep. 3]

Define & Design: With Mathilde Le Villain [Ep. 2]

Define & Design: With Mathilde Le Villain [Ep. 1]

Spotlight: HAS Studio

2023 Predicted Flooring Trends

New Year, New Floor!

Hospitality Interiors Roundtable Event

No Skeletons in our Closet … Just Herring-BONES

Glamour Reigns

New Hardwood Floors 2022

How To Protect Your Wood Floor From Pets

How to clean white toned parquet wood floors

Spotlight: Studio Walcot

How To Clean Light to Dark Toned Parquet Wood Floors

Galion wins Best Hard Flooring at Livingetc Style Awards 2022

Flooring ideas to achieve your dream Regencycore look

Spotlight: Bethell Projects

Celebrating Great British Interior Brands

Spotlight: Anne-Marie Leigh

A Royal Walk Through Timber History

Join us at WOW!House

Wood Floor Top Tips

Beautiful Wooden Flooring Ideas for Hallways

Meet the Maker

2022 – Our most sustainable year yet

The Geometric Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide

How to Style Geometric Flooring

How to Style White Flooring

Reclaimed Pine For Your Home

The Best Wood Flooring for Kitchens

The Best Wood Flooring for Living Rooms

The Best Wood Flooring for Bedrooms

A Guide To Herringbone And Chevron Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Thickness – 15mm & 20mm Wood Floors

Woodworks Design Led Sustainability

The Life Cycle Approach – Step Up To 20mm

Green On Green

Sustainable Interiors: Kelling Designs, part two

Understanding Innovation, Creativity & Sustainability In Design

Spotlight: Bernard Interiors

Sustainable Interiors: Kelling Designs, part one

The Importance Of Sleep

How To Style Black Wood Flooring

Interior Trends To Improve Your Well-Being

Spotlight: The Venetian Pantry

The Benefits Of Wood Flooring In Commercial Settings

The Difference Between European And Siberian Larch Flooring

Spotlight: Our 1930s Project

How Smarter Demolition Makes For A Greener Planet

Your guide to indoor air pollution

Top 4 Reasons Wood Is Good For You

An Introduction To Green Architecture

How To Expand Small Spaces With Wood Flooring

Top 5 Reasons Why Wood Is Good

A Guide To Reclaimed And Recycled Wood Flooring

The Calming Effects Of Pale Wood Floors

The Benefits Of Plastic Free And Non-Toxic Flooring

Where Does The Best Teak Wood Come From?

Spotlight: Linnea Interiors

Is Sustainability The New Luxury?

The Different Types Of Oak Flooring

The New Reality Of Emotional Design: Mathilde Le Villain

In Conversation: Edwin Heathcote, Reuse

In Conversation: Edwin Heathcote, Authenticity

Five Ways To Use Wood In Your Home

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Wood Floor

Happy Hygge: Flooring For Hygge Interior Design

Why Chevron Patterned Flooring Is A Timeless Design

The Story Of Our Temno Vodka Oak

The Story Of Our Dark Colonial Teak

The Story Of Our English Estate Oak

The Story Of Our Reims Antique Oak

The Story Of Our Dutch East Indies Teak

The Story Of Our Kings Cross Jarrah

The Story Of Our War Office Pine

Creating Woodworks Floors With Our Master Developer, David Cross

Woodworks Flooring For Large-Scale Projects

Lessons From The Past, Informing The Future

Feeling Good In The Spaces You Create

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

From The Ground Up