Top 4 Reasons Wood Is Good For You


Incorporating any natural material into your project has its positives, but wood is probably the first most people think of when considering an eco-friendly scheme.

Responsibly sourced wood is the only fully renewable building material.

It removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores carbon, plus the embodied energy means it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than man made alternatives as it takes much less energy to process and manufacture it.


Wood looks, smells and feels good but it’s economical too, acting as a natural thermal insulator due to air pockets in its cellular structure. When you compare this to stone, tile and especially a man-made alternative like vinyl, a wood floor makes sound economic sense and brings warmth and comfort to your project.


Over the last 30 years studies have confirmed that working, living, or studying in a healthy building can increase productivity, enhance learning, and even reduce sickness. Wood is hypoallergenic and can improve indoor air quality so using it as a direct biophilic designed element can positively impact our health. Plus, wood creates a connection with nature which can maintain emotional states, lower blood pressure, heart rate and help manage stress levels.


The durability of an engineered or solid wood floor is determined not so much by the construction of the boards but by the timber hardness and the finish that is applied. Traditionally a solid wood floor may have provided greater longevity but with the advancement of engineering techniques a quality engineered wood floor is extremely durable, meaning you can buy once and given the right care and attention, your floor could last a lifetime.