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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is wood that has been sourced from existing historical buildings, before being repurposed and transformed into a reclaimed engineered wood floor in our Cheshire workshops. Reclaimed flooring products are often rare one-off pieces, packed with history, elegant imperfections, and feature original patinas that give undeniable character to the floors and your projects. As the world becomes increasingly urbanised, we all long to be closer. With reclaimed and antique wood floors, that connection to the natural world is kept in place. All Woodworks by Ted Todd reclaimed wood flooring has genuine reclaimed and antique credentials. This means all reclaimed floorboards and blocks have been ethically sources. Our portfolio of reclaimed wood is vast, featuring reclaimed oak, reclaimed pine, and other reclaimed timber. Regardless of specification, species, or room type, there’s a reclaimed flooring option available. Browse our reclaimed engineered wood flooring below or read on for more information.


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What is Reclaimed Flooring?

Reclaimed flooring is crafted from retrieved wood sourced from historic buildings and sites of heritage, rather than wood that has sat unused for decades. Some of this salvaged history can be upwards of 100 years old and is genuinely antique, locking inside historical tales. Reclaimed flooring brings ancient structures into the present, ready for a new chapter of its life to be written as a reclaimed engineered wood floor or wall cladding.

Reclaimed wood flooring is not limited to a specific location, age, or species. Everything from European Oak, to Dutch Teak, to British Pitch Pine can be found within our extensive Woodworks by Ted Todd reclaimed floors portfolio.

War Office Pine reclaimed pine flooring fom our Rare Finds is taken from the old war office in London. It has listened in on conversations of Prime Ministers and other historic figures, before being adapted into an engineered pine flooring, ready to host yet more history.

Elsewhere you have reclaimed oak flooring. Reims Antique Oak for example is a rich, dark French Oak reclaimed from the outhouses of an old chateau in the historical city of Reims. Hand-rolled edges and tongue and grooved joints transformed the reclaimed floorboards into an engineered oak flooring with an elegant original patina.

If you’re looking for a different species, such as antique teak, take a look at the various other reclaimed timber flooring options throughout our Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolio.

What is the source of Ted Todd’s Reclaimed Wood?

The collective source of our reclaimed timbers branches over thousands of years and miles.

The story of our Dutch East Indies Teak for example began in the early 1800s, when Dutch traders sailed across vast oceans and settled in what is now known as the Republic of Indonesia. We similarly travelled nearly 5,000 miles in order to reclaim this rare teak, which is now a scarce resource, especially that which has survived hundreds of years of history and remains in high-quality.

Elsewhere, Australian Jarrah and British pitch pine reclaimed boards have been transformed into engineered wall cladding and flooring, ready for you to write the next chapter in their interesting storied past. For these stories, or tales surrounding any of our other woods, take a look at the antique reclaimed floors from Woodworks by Ted Todd.

What are the benefits of Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

The benefits of reclaimed wood flooring can be found in their sustainability, elegance, and durability. At surface level, the beauty of the original patinas and characterful imperfections make them a classic flooring option. The opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood floor is, in itself, another main benefit behind selecting this type of wood flooring for your project. Each reclaimed floor creates a bold design statement, and an interesting talking point for you and your project. Repurposing these woods goal a lot further than simply adding character to projects, however.

There are huge environmental benefits to selecting a reclaimed wood floor. Due to rabid deforestation, preserving what is left of our jungles, woods, and forests is to protect the environments for future generations is more important than ever. Repurposed wooden floors, crafted from reclaimed hardwood, not only gives woods a new lease of life, it also prevents the need for more trees to be chopped down, leading to more sustainable woodland areas.

Furthermore, reclaimed woods have a tight grain due to years of use in situation. This makes reclaimed flooring extremely hard wearing and durable, meaning they are an ideal choice in high-traffic projects such as museums and hotel lobbies, or rooms like hallways and kitchens. With the correct care and maintenance, these restored floors with a tightly packed natural grain structure will last generations.

What are the different styles of Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

There are many different styles of reclaimed wood flooring. Our reclaimed wood floors and wall cladding are available in various designs, textures, and colours.

Plank, panel, and even reclaimed parquet flooring formats (chevron, herringbone, chequerboard, Parquet de Versailles, to name a few) are available across a multitude of reclaimed species. No matter the final product you want to achieve, we have pine, teak, reclaimed oak flooring, or beyond, ready for you to install in your latest project.

These various flooring formats display a variety of textures too. Some are sawn with undulating textures, others are lightly brushed for a smoother run across the boards. Often, we simply hand sand and hand polish our reclaimed woods to maintain and emphasise the beauty of the original patinas these unique floors have to offer. These textures are protected with a carefully selected finish in order to maintain their grain pattern, natural knots and gnarls for years to come.

Natural organic tones shine through the reclaimed planks and blocks, with a full selection of colours to choose from throughout. From Scandinavian-style white wood floors, such as Egret, to striking darker floors like Antique-Elm Mayer, this selection of reclaimed floors is perfect for any colour brief. We even have Temno, a reclaimed European oak flooring and wall cladding from Bold Surfaces, which comes in a mix of blocks and boards, making it an ideal feature piece and talking point in all projects.

Where can you install Reclaimed Flooring?

When it comes to reclaimed flooring installation, we can either work with installers of your choice or refer you to one of our experienced Ted Todd partners to achieve the perfect installation. Never attempt to install a reclaimed wood floor yourself, as the acclimatization and installation process is intricate and heavily important in making your floor last as long as possible.

Due to the stability of reclaimed wood flooring, it is suitable for installation in all environments, and can be especially helpful in high-traffic rooms and projects, standing up to the challenges extra footfall presents. As a wall cladding or ceiling cladding option, it can be used effective to create a feature wall, drawing eyes to certain areas of your project.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration as to where is best to use reclaimed wood flooring, take a look at our gallery, projects page, or our Instagram.

How to buy our Reclaimed Wood Flooring

To purchase any of the beautiful reclaimed floors we have available, be sure to visit your closest retail partner. If you are a Commercial customer, speak to one of our specification consultants who is an expert in your field.

As always, you can order free samples of reclaimed floors and cladding in a multitude of designs and styles simply by adding them to your basket on each floor’s page. Select up to three of your favourites and we can supply reclaimed floor samples to you quickly.