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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is wood sourced from existing historical buildings, before being repurposed and transformed into a reclaimed wood floor in our Cheshire workshops. As the world becomes increasingly urbanised, reclaimed and antique wood floors keep in place the connection to the natural world.

All Woodworks by Ted Todd reclaimed wood flooring has genuine reclaimed and antique credentials. This means all reclaimed floorboards and blocks are ethically sourced. Our portfolio of reclaimed wood is vast, featuring reclaimed oak, reclaimed pine, and other reclaimed timber. Browse our collection of reclaimed wood flooring below and read on for more information.


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What is Reclaimed Flooring?

Reclaimed flooring is crafted from retrieved wood sourced from historic buildings and sites of heritage which is then re-purposed to create flooring.

Reclaimed floors are often rare one-off pieces, packed with history, elegant imperfections, and feature original patinas that give undeniable character.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Repurposed wood floors offer significant environmental and sustainability benefits, as they give the wood a new lease of life, preventing the need for more trees to be chopped down leading to more sustainable woodland areas.

Furthermore, reclaimed woods have a tight grain due to years of use. This makes reclaimed flooring extremely hard-wearing and durable. They are an ideal choice in high-traffic projects such as museums and hotel lobbies, or rooms like hallways and kitchens. With the correct care and maintenance, the durability of restored floors will last generations.

Where is Reclaimed Wood sourced?

Ted Todd’s reclaimed flooring is sourced from anywhere and everywhere.

For example, War Office Pine reclaimed pine flooring from our Rare Finds is taken from the old war office in London.

Elsewhere, our Reims Antique Oak is a rich, dark French Oak reclaimed from the outhouses of an old chateau in the historical city of Reims.

The story of our Dutch East Indies Teak explores Dutch traders in the early 1800s sailing to the Republic of Indonesia.

For more of these stories, take a look at the antique reclaimed floors from Woodworks by Ted Todd.

Reclaimed Flooring Installation

We can either work with installers of your choice or refer you to one of our experienced Ted Todd partners to achieve the perfect rustic wood floors installation.

Ted Todd does not recommend attempting to install a reclaimed wood floor yourself, as the acclimatization and installation process is intricate and heavily important in making your floor last as long as possible.