Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

As the world becomes increasingly urbanised, reclaimed and antique wood floors keep in place the connection to the natural world. Woodworks are on a quest to find the very best of these wooden treasures. This has always been our mission, and thanks to our experts’ experience through the years, when we find something extraordinary, we know just how good the material is.

Telling stories of the past, reclaimed woods represent some of the very best and most history-packed timbers available. We have travelled to every corner of the globe to reclaim beautiful woods steeped in historical meaning. From local architectural buildings in the United Kingdom to renovated homes in South East Asia, we love to tell the stories behind our reclaimed floors.

All Woodworks by Ted Todd reclaimed wood flooring has genuine reclaimed and antique credentials. Our portfolio of reclaimed wood is exceptional, featuring Reclaimed Oak and Reclaimed Pine amongst others.

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What is Reclaimed Flooring?

Reclaimed flooring is crafted from retrieved wood sourced from historic buildings and sites of heritage which is then re-purposed to create flooring.

Reclaimed floors are rare, one-off pieces, packed with history, elegant imperfections, and feature original patinas that give undeniable character. They also represent the very best in terms of material, as only the very best would suffice for these historically impactful buildings.

Restoring is of the utmost importance. The time-consuming processes that our master artisans place into each reclaimed floor assure the woods are ready for the next stage in their lifecycle – after this we work the texture by hand and slowly build up finishes that allow the wood to breathe.

All of Woodworks’ reclaimed floors from around the world are fully restored to either a Grade I or Grade I* standard and we are proud that our abilities in restoring these woods is unmatched. Bringing wonders of the past into the modern era.

Any wood taken from a former site is know as reclaimed, however they only become antique once they have been around for upwards of a century. All of our reclaimed wood floors are of this age and we therefore consider them reclaimed antique floors.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Specifying a reclaimed floor is means you are utilising a one-off piece which will likely never be seen again. These are museum quality woods that require a discernible appreciation and understanding to bring out the best of. Only for the very best projects, they bring a distinctive beauty that cannot be obtained using new woods and alternative materials.

Reclaimed wood floors offer significant environmental and sustainability benefits, as they give the wood a new lease of life, preventing the need for more trees to be chopped down leading to more sustainable woodland areas. With a circular economy, lasting hundreds and hundreds of years, reclaimed woods are amongst the most sustainable flooring options available.

Furthermore, reclaimed woods have a tight grain due to years of use. This makes reclaimed flooring extremely hard-wearing and durable. They are an ideal choice in high-traffic projects such as museums and hotel lobbies, or rooms like hallways and kitchens. With the correct care and maintenance, the durability of restored floors will last generations.

Where is Reclaimed Wood sourced?

Woodworks’ reclaimed flooring is sourced from all across the planet, with origins dating back hundreds of year.

For example, War Office Pine reclaimed pine flooring from our Rare Finds collection is taken from the Old War Office in London. Elsewhere, our Reims Antique Oak is a rich, dark French Oak reclaimed from the outhouses of an old chateau in the historical city of Reims, and he story of our Dutch East Indies Teak explores Dutch traders in the early 1800s sailing to the Republic of Indonesia.

For more of these stories, please visit our blog, The Journal.

Reclaimed Flooring Installation

We only ever recommend that our reclaimed wood flooring be installed by a professional fitter. These are intricate woods and your significant investment in them requires extra care when installing.

We never recommend attempting to install a reclaimed wood floor yourself, as the acclimatization and installation process is intricate and heavily important in making your floor last as long as possible.