Bourbon Oak Flooring

Bourbon Oak flooring has been creating using wood reclaimed from decades-old whiskey casks, carefully distilling and ageing the whiskey over its lifetime.

Suitable for use as wall cladding, ceiling cladding and flooring, these extremely rare boards originated from Nashville, Tennessee. Now, thanks to the expert techniques of our hand craftsmen in our Cheshire workshop, this rich Bourbon Oak has been given new life as Bodega, from our Bold Surfaces portfolio. Combining American sunshine with traditional British craftsmanship together in quite brilliant fashion.

220mm wide, 14mm thick and up to 2,200mm long, these 2-ply engineered planks will last a lifetime with the correct care and attention, meaning you can enjoy the extremely individual honey-like tones for years to come.


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What is Bourbon Oak Wood Flooring?

Bourbon oak is a slow grown quarter sawn oak, giving an amazing straight grain pattern throughout the timber. Found in the colder Northern regions of America, as a cask, it remained liquid-tight whilst still breathing in oxygen to aid the maturity of the spirits.

A layer of charcoal inside the casks from toasting or burning helped mellow the spirit but has also provided a rich, warm-spirited, honey sunshine tone to the oak throughout the course of the grain, adding character to every surface of your project.

This is a wood species that is extremely rare to discover, and we consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled on such an intricate and interesting material.

What makes Bourbon Oak unique?

Quite simply, no alternative wood species could ever have a similar natural appearance without taking the journey Bourbon Oak has taken over the decades.

The unique decorative appearance and original smooth texture boasts a raw and startling feeling throughout every project. No two planks are the exact same, and every inch of Bourbon Oak wood has a story to tell, truly encapsulating the value behind selecting a reclaimed wood floor.

Bourbon Oak wood flooring is not something you will come across daily, and in fact, it is very rare to find timber with such unique properties as this oak provides.

Having spent the best part of a century hosting bourbon whiskey within these sturdy casks, the grain in these boards is extremely tight, much like our Vodka Oak Temno, also from Bold Surfaces. This tight grain gives the board extreme stability, giving it the edge over similar reclaimed options, and meaning it will stand up to the challenges to high-traffic, spillages and pets.

What are the benefits of Bourbon Oak Wood Flooring?

Stability is a key part of what makes Bourbon Oak such a valuable material to use within your project. Having already absorbed the pressure of 80-100 years allowing Tennessee whiskey to mature to a light, caramel-like taste, this species of wood is more than up to the challenge posed by high-traffic and heavy boots.

As a quarter-sawn oak, it doesn’t suffer from the same dimensional change issues sometimes found in other cuts of timber, so you know once Bourbon Oak wood flooring is installed, it is installed for good.

On top of being well-seasoned, dense, hardwearing, durable and versatile, the cream of the crop when it comes to Bodega, is in the colour. These sunshine-packed boards have a tone like nothing else on the market, even when looking at less sustainable manmade alternatives such as LVT.

How to install Bourbon Oak Wood Flooring

Making an investment into Bourbon vintage Oak flooring is something we are certain you don’t want to put to waste – therefore these flooring and cladding options should only ever be installed be an expert, or professional fitter. Correct subfloor and wall preparation, installation methods and finishing touches make a world of difference. Installation guidelines can be downloaded in our advice hub.

Bodega Bourbon Oak floors can be installed over underfloor heating with the maximum surface temperature limited to 27 degrees; a FidBox can be installed under a plank to monitor via Bluetooth and an app.

Engineered Bourbon Oak flooring can be easily maintained and will age gracefully provided you follow our care guidelines. For these floors, with a natural oil finish, we recommend Care Kit 2. Regular use of the soft clean (every two weeks) within this kit, will greatly reduce the need to re-oil, sand or seal the floor over the year.

The best rooms for Bourbon Oak Wood Floors

With the striking and interesting natural smokey tones, Bodega Bourbon Oak is most effective when used to create a bold design statement in a room. As mentioned, walls, ceilings and floors are all appropriate for, and benefit from, the use of this is rare never-to-be-seen again Bourbon Oak flooring.

To find some inspiration on how best to use many of our Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd floors, be sure to visit our gallery.

Bourbon Oak is supplied coated with a natural oil, making it splash resistant, and therefore more than capable of performing well in kitchens and bar areas for example.

Get started with Woodworks by Ted Todd

The best place to start with Bodega Bourbon Oak is by ordering a free sample; then you can compare and contrast the honey-tones within your project, to make sure it fits your specifications.

We’d also recommend speaking with one of our expert team if you are a commercial customer, or if you are looking at this floor for your own home, be sure to find your closest retailer on our Ted Todd retailer map.

If you require further information, or aren’t quite sure where to start, contact us on the number above and we’ll be happy to assist with anything you may need.