Square Wood Flooring

Square Wood Flooring

Square wood flooring is unique to the Create collection. Crafted from the finest PEFC-certified European Oak, these floors are available in 127x127mm squares, which leaves an intriguing new pattern across your floor. Plus, as each board is 3-ply engineered, 15mm deep and hosts a 4mm wear layer, these floors will easily stand the test of time and traffic, no matter which surface they are applied upon.

The Create collection was created with you in mind, allowing the imagination to flow. As such, our square flooring has been developed to showcase a wide range of stunning colours. From the light cool Paperback to the rich darks of Fawn and even the delightful crisp grey hues of Smoke, you’re certain to find a colouring to match your specifications.

These unique square-shaped floors can also be known as square wood tiles, due to the way they can be easily laid in a similar fashion to tiled flooring – meaning you get the functionality of tiles, with the unrivalled beauty and feeling of real wood.

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Made for High Traffic Areas
Made for High Traffic Areas
European Oak
European Oak
3 ply Engineered Construction
3 ply Engineered Construction
Suitable for Underfloor Heating
Suitable for Underfloor Heating
FSC or PEFC Certified
FSC or PEFC Certified
Up to 25 Year Guarantee
Up to 25 Year Guarantee
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What patterns does our square flooring help create?

As with all of our Create flooring, our square wood flooring allows you to experiment with your design ideas. This is an unusual wood flooring format, and one that can add interest to projects.

You can mix and match colours, all of which have been designed to perfectly contrast or compliment the others, depending on what your creation demands. Pair deep darks with crisper lights for a bold statement or mix similar brown colours for a more subtle approach with your square edged flooring.

You can also combine these wooden squares with other designs such as herringbone and chevron to make a never-before-seen look.

Which rooms look best with square wood flooring?

Thanks to the straight lines that wood square flooring produces, you can run your design in multiple different directions; whether your room is tight-packed or a large expanse, squares are a strong choice to lead people through a space.

Fully equipped with a hardened oil finish, the smooth texture and natural tones are fully protected, as this oil penetrates deep into the pores of the wood forming an exceptional topcoat. As a result, this floor has a natural light finish that can be easily maintained, making it an ideal choice both home and commercial projects.

Being 15mm thick, these squares are ideal for use on floors. They can also be used on walls and ceilings as cladding to add a new dimension to your space with a bold design statement.

What interior design styles work best with square wood flooring?

Due to square floorings versatile nature, it can fit in beautifully into both modern and traditionally designed spaces. They really shine when used to lead people through areas, moving in different directions with ease – this is a real advantage over herringbone and plank, for example.

The micro bevel edges bring sharp lines to your design, which is most commonly associated with contemporary designs and by combining squares with other designs, you can create a unique space unlike anything you have seen before.

For more inspiration solutions for your wood flooring design, check out our gallery.

Installation and care

This flooring arrives is 127mm x 127mm x 15mm squares which can be easily installed by any experienced professional fitter.

All Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd floors should only ever be installed by professionals; proper sub floor and wall preparations, finishing touches and small details make all the difference, and guides for all types of installation can be found in our wood floor installation section.

Caring for your wood flooring couldn’t be easier, just refer to our Floor Care section for full information. All of our square floors are suitable for usage over underfloor heating but be sure to check the specifications before proceeding.

Free samples

You can order up to three free samples online, or alternatively, you can visit our local retail partners or Design Centres. Here you can see all of our wood floors on a much larger scale, allowing you to understand how the individual elements intertwine.