European Aged Oak Flooring

European Aged Oak Flooring

Aged European Oak flooring is crafted from the most organic and characterful oak from Europe. Brimming with personality, these oak floors pay homage to features found in genuine antique and reclaimed woods. Originating in protected forest areas across Southern France, every one of these floors has natural movement and shaping.

Their undulating textures and hand rolled edges create a traditional, natural look that links you to nature. This shaping is never uniform, nor repeating, and represents the antithesis of mass production. You can only truly understand these textures in person, so we would always recommend ordering a sample of our Aged European Oak floors or visiting us where possible.

From here our artisans work the woods to transform them into flooring fit for modern life, with an extra thick 6mm wear layer to ensure your floor lasts a lifetime. Choose from plank, herringbone, chevron, or our exclusive Parquet de Versailles, Sapphire and Continuous Versailles designs.

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What is European Aged Oak Floor?

European Aged wood floor is an organic flooring option. The wood has a natural scent, sound and feeling that intertwines your interior with nature. These woods have space for imperfections and you’ll find natural features throughout every board and block. From scrubbed knots and rich colour variations to naturally undulating textures, these details should be celebrated within your projects.

There are also indications of age throughout, with every Aged European Oak floor paying homage to organic and traditional flooring styles of the past. Over time they will develop a rich patina and become even more beautiful. Crafting Aged Oak floors requires techniques from the specialist skillset we have developed for over 25 years to be transformed from simple boards into floors with perfectly imperfect skip saw-marks, hand rolled edges and more.

What makes our Aged Oak Unique?

Our unique Aged European Oak floors begin with slow-grown old oak trees from the region of Quercy, France. This makes the grain more interesting and exciting.

This oak is then seasoned for six months and kilned slowly to provide stability. After which, the wood is distressed, hand-cut, and hand-rolled at the edges. To complete an authentic appearance, planks are finished with burnished hardwax oil, slowly air-dried, and cured for the ultimate durability. Up to 21 different processes can be applied to our aged oak, meaning the process can be highly time-consuming. There can be no shortcuts when handcrafting your floor.

The Rustic Grade wood used for these floors assures natural character appears through every board and block. Please expect beautiful natural variations throughout your floor. Aged European Oak flooring is available in a myriad of versatile tones, from the black Assier handcrafted European Oak floor to the light and elegant Rouby French Oak and everything in between.

How to Install

If you have made an investment in an Aged floor, we recommend that only a professional floor fitter or tradesperson installs it. Correct subfloor preparation, installation methods and finishing touches make all the difference. Oak wood flooring installation guidelines are available to be downloaded.

Engineered at 20mm thick, European Aged Oak wood floors are suitable for installation over underfloor heating. The maximum surface temperature should be limited to 27 degrees and a FidBox can be installed under a plank to monitor via Bluetooth and an app.

The Best Rooms for European Aged Oak Wood Floors

Aged European Oak is a perfect choice for any project seeking and organic link to the natural world.

We’ve seen floors of this type be used in all sectors and households. Herringbone designs are particularly effective in residential spaces seeking a traditionally intimate feeling and our exclusive Parquet de Versailles, which matches element-to-element across your entire floor, is an ideal commercial flooring choice, making a high-design statement in these areas.

Our only advice would be that you should avoid using these floors in areas where there is a sizeable risk of heavy water spillage or abnormally high levels of humidity.

However, aged floors are finished with a full coat of burnished hardwax oil making them water splash resistant, so don’t worry about using them in a kitchen, bar, or restaurant. More details about how to care for your wood floor can be found here.

Get Started with Woodworks

Purchasing a floor is easy, and the best place to start is with a conversation. Our Aged Oak floors are suitable for commercial customers. If you’re looking for an Aged floor for your own home our find a retailer map is the best place to start.

You can order up to 3 free samples of your favourite floors online – just put them into your cart, fill out your personal details and we’ll ship them to your door, with any further information required just a call away.