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Every member of the commercial team is a wood floor expert with extensive knowledge of their sector and years of flooring experience to help with your project.


If you’re looking for sustainable hotel flooring Ted Todd offers a vast range of high quality engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring options designed to help deliver memorable customer visits and award-winning designs.

Durability, functionality and design requirements come into sharp focus in hotel projects. Hotel lobby flooring as well as floor and wall cladding in restaurants and meeting areas, in bedrooms and suites, have to be able to cope with heavy footfall and look as good in years to come as when first fitted. Hotel project design briefs vary but what links them together is that they need to deliver comfort, practicality, and appearances that last. Quality wood flooring from Ted Todd is an ideal choice, whatever the brief.

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Why Choose Us?

Unlike other flooring companies, we only work with wood. We work with customers looking for hotel hardwood flooring solutions, helping them choose the right species, colour, specification and finish, with hotel flooring made on-site at our Cheshire workshops. Ted Todd floors elevate hotel projects, delivering sustainable, great looking wood that will last for decades.

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What Are The Different Types of Wood Suitable for Hotel Flooring?

Many of the hotel projects Ted Todd supplies wood floors for, use 20mm thick wood with a 6mm wear layer, which delivers durability and long-lasting good looks over a long period of time. Using the correct finish is also vital to match durability to the sheen level required. The wow factor is often an important consideration; patterns, panels and superwide planks are ideal choices whether handmade, antique or reclaimed from Woodworks or classic Ted Todd. Different formats can also help define different areas, parquet de Versailles panels delivering intimacy for bar areas or used for grand spaces such as ballrooms. Refurbishments can involve listed buildings, making reclaimed floors the perfect choice both from both an aesthetic and environmental perspective. Hotel floors are often trendsetting and need to stand apart in order to help create the hotel’s unique identity. Ted Todd have a wonderful choice of species that can be used for statement floors and wall cladding. In other instances, the brief is to tie in with a worldwide brand to deliver a certainty of experience wherever customers are in the world. Ted Todd is able to match to any other wood to deliver design consistency where required.

Why Choose Wood for Hotel Flooring Over Alternatives Like Vinyl Flooring Wood

Wood is a natural product, and it’s increasingly important for hotel visitors to want to be surrounded by materials that originate in nature rather than vinyl flooring made from a mix of chemicals and plastics, however much they look like the real thing. The durability of hard wood flooring means that the life cycle costing are relatively low. You only have to look at historic houses, many which still have original wood floors that are many hundreds of years old to see what a sound choice a good quality, long life wood floor is for hotel projects. This also makes wood a sound sustainable choice reinforced by the fact that the vast majority of Ted Todd floors are FSC certified which means they come from sustainably managed forests.

What Are The Benefits of Hotel Wood Flooring Over Hotel Carpet?

While there is always a place for high quality natural wool hotel carpets, the relative cost per metre can often make wood flooring a more economical choice. And whereas carpet tiles as a commercial hotel flooring choice can be easily fitted and hardwearing, they often don’t match up to wood flooring’s durability and environmental credentials.

Our Hotel Flooring Projects

Ted Todd have supplied floors for many award winning hotels over the years. From the Olga Polizzi designed Hotel Endsleigh which was named Countryside Hotel of the Year in 2019, to the Hotel de la Paix’s Fiskebar which used Woodworks’ Jacobin Parquet de Versailles panels, to Babington House, the original Soho House outpost in Somerset. You can see other hotel projects that have used Ted Todd and Woodworks’ floors here.

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You can order up to three free samples of any of our floors via the website. Start choosing a Ted Todd floor for your next project here.

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