Jarrah Wood Flooring

Jarrah Wood Flooring

Jarrah wood flooring is available as one of Woodworks’ Rare Finds. This is antique reclaimed wood that was first used over a century years ago. The wood itself is much older, having spent centuries growing before being felled and transported thousands of miles to London.

The Jarrah planks we craft with were reclaimed from a potato warehouse during the redevelopment of Kings Cross. The Jarrah that came out of the the warehouse was in lengths of up to 2m long and 200mm wide - which for Jarrah is very wide. We have worked this wood to create wide and long engineered planks retaining the original surface patina and gentle historic undulations.

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What Is Jarrah Wood Flooring?

Jarrah is the Aboriginal name given to Eucalyptus marginata. By the 19th century the Southwest of Australia was full of huge areas of massive Jarrah trees. However, due to over-exploitation, it’s very rare to still find the size of tree that was once common.

Jarrah started being imported to the United Kingdom in 1887 when a shipment of Jarrah blocks were sent to be used as street pavement in place of cobblestones. Many streets in wealthier areas were soon covered in creosote blocks of Jarrah including Baker Street, Oxford Road, Drury Street and the Strand.

A large amount of the wood was imported to the UK in the late 19th and early 20th century. Because it is so durable and water resistant, it was an ideal choice for flooring, bridges, wharves, railway sleepers and roads.

Nowadays, we transform our Jarrah timber into engineered wood flooring fit for the challenges of modern life.

Characteristics of Jarrah Wood

Jarrah trees grow up to 40m with a trunk up to 3m in diameter and can live to be 1000 years old. When fresh, Jarrah is quite workable but when seasoned it becomes so hard that conventional wood-working tools are near useless on it. It is revered as one of the most durable natural materials available.

The quality of antique Jarrah available from Woodworks will never be seen again as it takes hundreds of years for the trees to mature, and unfortunately trees of this number and size just aren’t around anymore.

Jarrah has a deep, dark hue. The colours and grains are rich in tone and beautiful to the eye. The surface of the wood contain gentle undulations, and in reclaimed Jarrah flooring, perfect imperfections and wonderful patinas documenting a past life. This Jarrah is of museum quality and can be considered a rare collector’s item.

What are the benefits of Jarrah Wood Flooring?

As well as the unique provenance of our reclaimed Jarrah, this wood has the benefit of being extremely durable and suitable for very high traffic areas. Finished using an extra-durable Burnished Hardwax Oil, the surface of this timber will last a lifetime even in commercial spaces with heavy footfall.

Its water resistance means that it can used for any interior projects. In fact, The wood is so durable that the National Trust have even used Jarrah for decking in a restaurant at one of their properties.

The Jarrah that Woodworks reclaimed was in lengths of up to 6ft long and 200mm wide – which for Jarrah is very wide. We have worked this amazingly dense hardwood to manufacture wide and long engineered planks retaining their original surface patina and undulations – and even the marks made by the clout nails used to fix the boards down. These features are one-of-a-kind, allowing your project to look completely unique.

How to install Jarrah Wood Flooring

We always recommend that our floors are fitted by wood flooring professionals.

We also supply Floor Care Systems to ensure that the floors continue to look as good as when they were first fitted.

The best rooms for Jarrah Wood Flooring

Because of its durability and water resistance, Jarrah is suitable for use in any room as it will be able to cope with high traffic and demanding environments.

Kitchens, hotel rooms and breakout workspaces are prime examples of where jarrah can truly shine.

Intended for use in extra special projects, Reclaimed Jarrah is only for the select few. This wood requires a discernible level of appreciation and knowledge to craft and design with.

Get Started with Woodworks by Ted Todd

Our team are available to help you decide which floors may be most suitable and talk you through the correct floor and finish for your project or refer you to one of our retail partners if the flooring is for your own home.

Samples of our Jarrah planks are available to view in our Cheshire and London Design Centres.