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Handmade Wood Flooring

Handmade wooden floors are floors that have not been processed and crafted with the use of machinery, making them versatile, hardwearing and enduring in appeal. Not all floors are created equal and we make no apologies for the fact that we regard our handcrafted wood flooring as a cut above the rest.

The floors and wall cladding options within our Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolios have all been crafted by hand in our Cheshire workshops from the very best sustainably sourced and mostly FSC certified wood. Handmade flooring is a true labour of love. With every block and plank needing to be carefully sanded, edged and finished, your handcrafted wood floor will have experienced many hours of work before it arrives with you, ready to be fitted.


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What is handmade wood flooring?

Handmade wooden floors are worked on by skilled craftspeople, as opposed to a machine-led factory process. This means every handmade floor is unique, with care taken to emphasize grain patterns, patinas and tones, alongside expert hand-rolled edging and a host of other unique, never-before-seen flooring details.

Unrivalled in quality, handmade floors are quite simply what makes Woodworks by Ted Todd so unique.

Woodworks floors demand care and attention and more time goes into every single stage of the process. Our craftspeople work with each piece of wood, bringing out the very best in its nature, waiting patiently for each application to slowly air dry.

A handmade Woodworks floor is never rushed, each one is carefully made by hand in our Cheshire workshops and guaranteed to pass the test of time. These are pieces you will not find elsewhere, and that have experienced delicate hand finishing to reach a level that we are endlessly proud of.

What is the source of Ted Todd’s handmade wood?

Our story began in 1993, reclaiming wood floors and old timbers from factories and cotton mills across the North of England and revamping them. In 1997, we began crafting new wood floors to look like old floorboards, using the painstaking process that we learned reclaiming old wood.

Today we are still as dedicated to creating beautifully handcrafted flooring, both antique and new – all from sustainably sourced wood, of course.

European Oak, larch, colonial teak, pine from Winston Churchill’s war office and beyond; all our new and antique Woodworks by Ted Todd floors are meticulously handled to create a high-quality hand-crafted wooden floor for your project.

What are the benefits of handcrafted wood flooring?

Wood adds pattern and texture, whether used as flooring, wall or ceiling cladding; and whether you opt for planks that seamlessly blend into the background, or intricate parquetry to create a design statement, the thousands of handlings at our Cheshire workshop have emphasised everything that makes the wood special.

If you love hand-rolled edges, intricate grain patterns and bespoke selection of tones and finishes, there really is nothing quite the portfolios available from Woodworks by Ted Todd.

Available in engineered wood format, our handcrafted wooden floors are created to stand the test of time, with a 25-year guarantee on each.

How to install handmade wood flooring

We would recommend that any handmade wood floor be installed by professional wood flooring fitters as there are many important details that must be considered in order to lay the perfect wood for your handmade flooring.

A professional can assure that everything is appropriately in place before your handcrafted wooden floor is fitted, including flat sub-floors and the correct installation technique.

For further information about how to install your wood floor can be found here.

Get started with Woodworks by Ted Todd

The best place to start with Ted Todd, is to take advantage of our free sample service, which is available with many of our handmade wood floors.

Our handmade samples are available in numerous formats and tonals, meaning you can easily find the perfect match for even the most specific briefs. If you’re managing a commercial project, make sure to speak with our commercial team, and if you’re crafting a project for your own home, our design centres and retail partners are there to help.

Pick your favourite three floors and we’ll get them shipped out as soon as possible. Once received, we’ll be in touch to assure that you’re happy with your order, and supply any much-needed information to make your Ted Todd experience run smoothly.