Handmade Wood Flooring

Every Woodworks floor is handmade to order, meaning each is unique to the last. Over the decades, we have honed our skills to restore woods formerly lost to the past, mould surfaces that breathe and create textures that encapsulate history.

Everything we have learned about restoring antique and reclaimed woods, we have applied to new and aged timbers to create extraordinary flooring you won’t find anywhere else. Not all floors are created equal, and we make no apologies for the fact that we regard our handcrafted wood flooring as a cut above the competition.

Made to Order
Made to Order
Multiple Designs
Multiple Designs
Made for High Traffic Areas
Made for High Traffic Areas
Up to 25 Year Guarantee
Up to 25 Year Guarantee
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What is handmade wood flooring?

Handmade wooden floors are worked on by skilled craftspeople, as opposed to a machine-led factory process.

Every one of our Woodworks floors is restored and created by hand in our English workshops by our skilled artisans. Each floor passes through thousands and thousands of hands before completion in order to achieve the extraordinary.

This means every handmade floor is unique, with care taken to emphasise the very best features of the wood, such as textures, patinas and tones.

The fine techniques we use include hand-rolling edges, light to heavy brushing, and hand polishing amongst many others.

Benefits of handcrafted wood flooring

Handmade wood flooring is entirely unique. No two are ever the same, and from board to board and batch to batch, you will find beautiful natural variations throughout. This means every Woodworks floor is a one-of-a-kind bespoke and your opportunity to create a bold and enduring design statement.

Every Woodworks floor is meticulously checked throughout the crafting process to ensure that each floor we create achieves the extraordinary standards which we set ourselves.

From selecting the very best and most appropriate raw materials to craft with, through to the finishing touches, only the very best will satisfy. We celebrate the imperfections in each piece and ensure that every Woodworks floor has balanced and a refined nature to it. These woods all add a completely organic feeling to your space, filling your space with the wonder of the outside world.

We regard these floors as a cut above the competition, and our commitment to the highest quality is evidence of that. If you are looking for something truly special for your upcoming projects, we recommend

Available in both engineered and solid constructions, our handcrafted wooden floors are created to stand the test of time, with a 25-year guarantee on each.

Handmade wood flooring installation

We would recommend that any handmade wood floor only be installed by professional wood flooring fitters as there are many important details that must be considered to lay the perfect wood for your handmade flooring.

A professional assures that everything is appropriately in place before your handcrafted wooden floor is fitted, including flat sub-floors and the correct installation technique.

For further information about how to install your wood floor can be found here.

Order Free Samples

Our handmade samples are available in numerous formats and tones, meaning you can easily find the perfect match for even the most specific briefs.

Pick your favourite three floors and we will ship them directly to your door, free of charge. Once received, we’ll be in touch to assure that you’re happy with your order and supply any much-needed information to assure your Woodworks experience runs smoothly.