White Wood Flooring

White wood flooring is often used in projects that make a stronger design statement. White wood floors are synonymous with modern or contemporary homes and commercial spaces. Fresh, new and vibrant, they grant a crisp and clean feeling.

Our white wood flooring stands out from the crowd as we live and breathe every detail; from the warmth of the tone, to the gloss level in the finish, to the timeless grade of the wood we use. We understand how important all these small details are and we only ever set out to make the best and most innovative creations.

White hardwood floors can also be described as bleached, washed or sometimes even painted. Be sure to take that into account when looking at specifications.

Most of our white wood is crafted as engineered wood flooring. However, we also make some solid wood floors, with both being a functional and stable addition to your project.


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What Is White Wood Flooring?

In the world of wood floors, white wood flooring is an exceptionally broad term.

From totally white with no natural overtones (think painted white) which are colder and ideal for sunny climates, to light white washes over warm natural oak undertones, which are warmer whites and good for more northerly locations where you want to capture that comforting feeling for longer.

White can also be used to describe totally natural woods – Maple for example can simply be seen as being a white wood floor, albeit with a pinky grain structure. There is white oak flooring too – white when freshly sawn, with its greyish undertones that dance across boards and blocks with ease.

Otis, from Woodworks by Ted Todd’s Editions collection is white engineered wood flooring that is punctuated with a specialist naked skin lacquer finish. This lacquer is made up of pigments that keep the oak looking raw and unfinished and it’s also resistant to UV light discoloration, which is important as you want to keep the floor looking fresh, maintaining the white wood for decades and beyond.

Really fine quality freshly sawn Ash (without brown heart) is also a white colour, but much warmer in tone than Oak. We don’t make many floors out of Ash, but we hope to change that in the future by working more closely with this species of wood.

For most people white floors sit between this cool white of a full pigment paint and the warm white of a gentle wash.

However, other whites that are often talked about are bleached whites; this is where the dark undertones of a hardwood are lightened with a bleaching process. This often entails bleaching and then neutralizing to gradually lighten the tone of the wood, pushing the grain to the forefront, which you can see with out Bleached War Office Pine for example.

Cashmere from our Create collection is a white wood floor that has quite cool undertones thanks to this bleached treatment. It is also brushed, which helps to make the surface feel natural, almost weathered, making it a white flooring you’ll just love to run your fingers across. Create is all about a system floors, where all of the different formats (plank, herringbone, chevron and squares) are sized and profiled so that they can all be used to design unique patterns across your floor. These can be formed with just a single colour, such as white, making the pattern is the feature, or you can be more adventurous and mix different colours to display something more individual and unique.

The simplest white wood floor is a floor that is just stained white. This is a pigment that sits on top of the wood to change its colour; this is a simple and easy solution and our Project collection has some very good examples including Calico, which is a stunning and versatile floor.

As with everything else in your project, the real difference comes in the many small details that make a floor stand out from the crowd – our experience in designing and making white wood floors is second to none and we get always aim to get these details right so that the floor transforms the space it is used in, rather than being just another part of your project.

What are the best rooms to install White Wood Flooring?

White wood flooring works impeccably in rooms that get plenty of sun and natural light; if the sun is warm and the days are long, white wood flooring will be unleashed, showing off its subtle grains and crisp coloring throughout every hour.

They also work well in open plan spaces, be that in a commercial project or residential living room.  The light and white colours can make the space feel much larger, being particularly effective in wide-open areas that allow grain patterns and subtle natural features to dash across the entirety of the floor.

Please also consider that white woods are great for walls and ceilings; they again make your space feel larger and bring a freshness to even a dark environment, be it as a statement wall that contrasts strongly, or a surface that links into other features of your room, such as fabrics and small ornamental details, making your project come to life.

Finally, white walls and floors are perfect for displaying artworks, prints or your favourite objects. The white tones step back and let everything else be the star of the show, blending seamlessly into the background and thrusting the colours and images forward.

For all of these applications, we would recommend having a look into our Superwide Woodworks by Ted Todd collection, with the wide planks of Linen, Egret or Ecru showcasing white and light tones that can be manipulated for your desired success.

What are the benefits of White Wood Flooring?

White wood flooring covers a number of bases. They also host a wide range of features that are sought after when looking for a new, reclaimed or antique wood floor.

Firstly, they make space larger. This is of particular effect in residential areas, where space may be limited, as it can give a feeling of added freedom and room to move – and with the majority of our white floors being suitable for underfloor heating too.

White wood flooring also makes for a modern feel, so is perfect in contemporary buildings and rooms. It symbolizes clean living and minimalist decoration to give a fresh feel to your interiors. Plus, if said interior is expected to get a great deal of natural light shining through, the floor will shine too, reflecting light well to give a cooler feeling.

We also love the simplicity of white, which makes it slip expertly into all decoration types. Be it busier or more minimalist, a white oak floor will compliment a room to make it feel complete. And in those busier locations in particular, paintings, wall hangings and furniture will pop out from the white background, with the floor taking pride in the background, at the spine of your project.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, white is calming. White can put you at ease, make a space seem quieter, and remove you from the everyday hustle, bustle and stress – making this colour the perfect one to arrive home to, especially after those busy days…

What are the differences between White Real Wood and White Engineered Wood Flooring compared with laminate flooring?

Real wood has a depth and soul that is not replicable in man made products. The touch, sound, look and smell all come directly from nature, unlike that of white laminate flooring for example – it might well be white, but it won’t come close to the real thing.

The whites that you see in real wood are often the result of layers of treatments that create a reflection or iridescence of white; this is very special, and it certainly cannot be reproduced in a vinyl, laminate or tiled equivalent.

From an environmental perspective real wood is the only way to go. Rather than value engineering your project with cheaper alternatives that will need to be replaced within the decade, choose a lifetime option instead. All of our floors are guaranteed to stand up to the test of time, and with the correct care and attention, can remain happily within your project for a lifetime.

How do you install White Hardwood Flooring?

As with any format or colour variation, we would only ever recommend that you have a Ted Todd or Woodworks by Ted Todd white wood floor installed by a professional fitter. The skills required to fit such are intricate and the appropriate preparation can make or break in terms of installation.

How do you clean and maintain White Hardwood Floors?

We have specific care products for white wood flooring because it is important to add more white pigments into the floor as part of the caring process.

White lacquered or hardened oiled floors should use Care System 3, whilst or white oiled or hardwax oiled floors should be cared for with Care System 4, just be sure to brush dirt and dust from the floor before application.

These care systems are available locally at our partner stores or online at our Ted Todd Floor Care store.

Non-pigmented finishes will build up a golden undertone and this defeats the idea of why you would choose a white wood floor, yellowing your floor over time, and losing its value to you.

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