White Wood Flooring

White wood floors are synonymous with modern or contemporary homes and commercial spaces. Fresh, new and vibrant, they grant a crisp and clean feeling.

Our white wood flooring stands out from the crowd as we live and breathe every detail; from the warmth of the tone, to the gloss level in the finish, to the timeless grade of the wood we use. We understand how important all these small details are and we only ever set out to make the best and most innovative creations.

White hardwood floors can also be described as bleached, washed or sometimes even painted. Be sure to take that into account when looking at specifications.

Most of our white wood is crafted as engineered wood flooring. However, we also make some solid wood floors, with both being a functional and stable addition to your project.


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Why choose White Wood Flooring?

Firstly, they make space larger. This is of particular effect in residential areas, where space may be limited, as it can give a feeling of added freedom and room to move – and with the majority of our white floors being suitable for underfloor heating too.

White wood flooring also makes for a modern feel, so is perfect in contemporary buildings and rooms. It symbolizes clean living and minimalist decoration to give a fresh feel to your interiors. Plus, if said interior is expected to get a great deal of natural light shining through, the floor will shine too, reflecting light well to give a cooler feeling.

White woods are great for walls and ceilings too as they again make your space feel larger and bring a freshness to even a dark environment, be it as a statement wall that contrasts strongly or a surface that links into other features of your room.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, white is calming. White can put you at ease, make a space seem quieter, and remove you from the everyday hustle, bustle and stress – making this colour the perfect one to arrive home to, especially after those busy days.

White Wood Flooring Installation

As with any format or colour variation, we would only ever recommend that you have a Ted Todd floor installed by a professional fitter. The skills required to fit such are intricate and the appropriate preparation can make or break in terms of installation.

Cleaning and Maintaining White Floors

We have specific care products for white wood flooring because it is important to add more white pigments into the floor as part of the caring process.

These care systems are available locally at our partner stores or online at our Ted Todd Floor Care.

Order your Free Samples

Place up to three of your favourite white wood floors for your home into your basket, fill out your details and we’ll ship them out to you, allowing you to contrast and compare the styles up close within your project.