Wide plank floors

Woodworks by Ted Todd have been pioneering wide planks since 1993. We broke all the rules when it came to dimensions in 1997 with our Superwide collection collection reflects that continues to innovate 30 years on.

We can also create bespoke options from boards with more epic proportion, enabling you to specify wall-to-wall plank lengths for truly standout projects.

Wide planks and long lengths


At up to 400mm and 3m long the specifications that make up our Superwide collection are amongst the most impressive available.

This modern look is designed to create a bold design statement, even in the largest of spaces, where a real impact can be made.

These 2 ply engineered floors are also all 20mm, with a 6mm wear layer for maximum durability throughout the years.

Whilst these measurements define the collection, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye…


A cleaner look


This year we took the decision to provide a higher grade as standard in all our Superwide floors.

We felt that more people were looking for a clean, fresher look with less character and natural variation, so we now provide Select Grade for these floors. The Select grading strikes a great balance between the calmness of Prime Grade and the natural character of Nature Grade.

The overall effect are boards that are very calm but have a lovely amount of small knots and gentle colour variation. This grade also eliminates most of the sap as this light fresh-grown material which gives too much of a contrast in these floors.

If you do prefer a more characterful floor, a Nature Grade option is available with our bespoke service.

Our Superwide collection


We broke all the rules when it came to dimensions in 1997 and our Superwide collection reflects that innovation 30 years on. Unprecedented, oversized planks 350mm wide and 3m long, and 200mm wide herringbone blocks. Choose from European Oak, Larch,
Walnut or even Douglas Fir wood for Scandinavian style simplicity.

These floors are all 20mm thick and have a 6mm wear layer for maximum durability. The herringbones feature the same high-quality grades, slow cured durable finishes, perfect proportions and are sustainable choices.

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