A Six-Sided Marvel – The Hexagon

A Six-Sided Marvel – The Hexagon

Hexagons – from walls to floors, furniture to accessories – continue to capture the imagination of designers and homeowners alike. The versatile geometric shape can be arranged in uniform patterns or bold combinations. With their popularity on the rise, Robert Walsh, founder and owner of Woodworks by Ted Todd, delves into the functionality of the shape, design possibilities and their innate connection to nature.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles have been around for a while and are still making a strong statement in 2024. Incorporating this micro trend onto bathroom and kitchen walls gives spaces personality and a playful look. Hexagon flooring also continues to be a popular choice for projects. This versatile shape provides a modern edge that is both as stylish as it is timeless. 

Mixed Material Flooring

Combining different floor types can be an effective technique to create an original space. Experiment with materials like hardwood, carpet, or ceramic tiles together to transition between rooms or zone areas to create a multifunctional space. For example, our Arley flooring, available in bespoke hexagon design, could be paired with lighter hardwood flooring to create contrast. Browse today: Arley Wood Flooring

Inspired By Nature

Lots of patterns in nature are easily discernible, while others emerge with a keen eye. Within these patterns lie traits of repetition, symmetry, and distinct shapes. Among the geometric shapes discovered in nature, the hexagon stands out. It is a pattern that is often embedded in cultural traditions and has deep sacred meanings. 

Rock Formation c/o Andrew Goodsell

The Significance of Hexagons in Biophilic Design

In the realm of biophilic design, we can witness the integration of natural patterns and shapes into the built environment. Beyond adding to a project’s visual appeal, incorporating the hexagon shape into architectural and interior design can foster a profound connection with nature. But utilising this shape goes beyond drawing inspiration from the natural world – it is a visual representation of balance and harmony.

Turtle Shell c/o bluedog studio

Hexagons in interior design

Hexagons offer lots of possibilities in interior design. With their flexibility, functionality and aesthetic allure they can be used in artistic arrangements on walls and floors. Create imaginative configurations to create spatial illusions or deliver a sense of spaciousness to a room. Boldly used contrasting colours as room dividers or to delineate areas within open layouts. Contrast colours and textures for a bold statement or stick to one option and repeat throughout the entire room for seamless transitions.  

Aged Hexagonal

Pairing traditional values with modern techniques is our new hexagonal design format.  Heritage style seeks to create an atmosphere of timeless beauty and pay homage to the cultural heritage and design traditions of the past. You will find this in abundance in the Woodworks Aged collection. This collection exudes sophisticated elegance, craftsmanship, and a sense of history. By combining complex handmade techniques with 30 years of innovative design, we have created a honeycomb format which is available as a bespoke option for all our Aged collection floors. Find out more: Aged Collection

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