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Geometric Pattern Flooring

Geometric flooring is crafted using a variety of shapes to create patterns that are unique, eye-catching and beautiful. It can be created by individual shaped blocks, such as diamonds and squares, or by the patterns formed between the panels, such as the Parquet de Versailles format.

Available in patterns including continuous Versailles, hexagonal pattern, parquet de Chantilly, chequerboard and more, a carefully geometric wood floor pattern is sure to make a long-lasting impact on your design space.

Available in solid wood and engineered options, Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd have a range of tones and textures to select from in this design. See them below now.


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What geometric pattern does our flooring create?

With a Ted Todd geometric pattern floor, you’ll find circles, squares, rectangles, hexagons and more geometric shapes are paired together in a range of tones and textures, allowing you to create the perfect flooring. In this sense, you’ll be certain to find a geometric floor to match your vision, no matter the specifications.

The precise and clean lines paired with these shapes create a look pleasing to the eye. It can also add an intense individuality to any project.

Select a geometric floor with a border for a classic, refined touch. You can also have no border if you’re aiming for a continuous pattern throughout. Individual elements aligned; it is then time to replicate panels across an entire floor to create a stunning uniform motif.

Where can Geometric Flooring be installed?

Hotel lobbies and corridors, living spaces and other sizeable locations are ideal for getting the best from a geometric wood flooring. Large areas allow for more creative use of parquetry and benefit from the geometric pattern, as the motif can effortlessly tie the room together.

That said, you can still make use of geometric flooring in smaller spaces, just be sure to consider whether the pattern will look equal and balanced.

Geometric wood flooring can also be combined effectively with other flooring types. Make geometric panels the centrepiece of your floor, with other flooring formats, such as herringbone or plank running from it or surrounding the statement central design.

There are wood alternatives for many geometric floor designs, but none come close to the real thing. Black and white lino floor can be given a modern upgrade by using our Urban portfolio, for example, giving you a long-lasting floor, and added movement thanks to the floors’ undulating textures.

We also have bespoke options available across our collections, allowing you to experiment with variables. Opt for subtle tones or bold colours, smooth finishes or undulating textures – whatever you vision, we can craft it.

We recommend that you seek our specialist knowledge if you intend to make use of a geometric pattern floor for your living spaces or wider projects. These floors are all rather intricate, and we aim to ensure that the complex design runs seamlessly throughout your intended space – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is the difference between Geometric Wood Flooring and Chevron?

Whilst chevron wood floors are fairly simple in design, geometric formats are more individualistic and complex.

Geometric flooring is an incredibly interesting solid wood flooring format and can be used in a variety of interior design styles. The floors themselves contain stunning intricate patterns with grain flowing across the boards in all directions, making an undeniable impact on any space.

That given, it’s easy to understand that geometric flooring is all about making a statement. Where other chevron floors can be intentionally subtle and sit in the background, geometric pattern floors are made to be noticed. Unique, different, and striking, the multidirectional nature of this format makes it ideal for space like hallways, offices, or walkways, tying together projects whose size could otherwise make the floor seem featureless.

Some iconic geometric floor patterns and designs include continuous Versailles, Mansion Weave, square, chequered and end grain, which makes excellent use of the cross-section of a tree trunk, showing off the natural growth rings.

With geometric wood flooring and similar options, be sure to contact our expert team for guidance, as these floors need extra care and attention when being worked into a project.

How do you install geometric wood flooring?

We would always recommend that any geometric flooring be installed by professional wood flooring fitters due to the intricate nature of the design.

Whilst the thousands of handlings and man-hours at our Cheshire workshop will have already been implemented to your floor by the time it arrives, there are still important details that must be considered in order to lay the perfect wood flooring.

A professional can assure that everything is appropriately in place before the geometric pattern tiles are fitted, including flat sub-floors and the correct installation technique. This process is much more technical than geometric vinyl flooring and careful consideration is absolutely necessary.

To find out more about how to install your Geometric wood floor here.

For further information on how to care for your wood floor please refer to our Floor Care section.

How do you care for geometric pattern flooring?

The floor maintenance and care used for a geometric pattern floor are the same as any other real wood floor – it depends on the finish used.

If you have a finish that sits on the surface of the wood, such as hardened oil, UV oil, matt lacquer, satin lacquer, or naked skin lacquer, then you’ll need to use Care System 1.

If you have a finish that soaks into the pores of the wood, such as burnished hardwax oil or restoration oil, then you’ll need Care System 2.

Both of our Care Systems include Ted Todd approved cleaners that can be used without the worry of stripping the finish off the floor, and the key is never to use too much water.

You can see our full care and maintenance guides in our Floor Care.