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avery unfinished oak Geometric wood flooring from Ted Aodd


Geometric Pattern Flooring

Geometric flooring is crafted using a variety of shapes to create patterns that are unique, eye-catching and beautiful. It can be created by individual shaped blocks, such as diamonds and squares, or by the patterns formed between the panels, such as the Parquet de Versailles format.

Available in patterns including continuous Versailles, hexagonal pattern, parquet de Chantilly, chequerboard and more, a carefully geometric wood floor pattern is sure to make a long-lasting impact on your design space.

Available in solid wood and engineered options, Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd have a range of tones and textures to select from in this design. See them below now.


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What is a geometric pattern?

Geometric floor patterns can be anything from circles, squares, rectangles, hexagons and more. These geometric shapes are paired together in a range of tones and textures, allowing you to create the perfect flooring.

The pattern can also include a border for a classic, refined touch. However, you can choose to have no border if you’re aiming for a continuous pattern throughout.

Differences between geometric flooring and chevron

Whilst chevron wood floors are fairly simple in design, geometric flooring contains intricate patterns with grain flowing across the boards in all directions, making an undeniable impact on any space.

Best rooms for geometric flooring

Large areas such as hotel lobbies, corridors, living spaces and other sizeable locations are ideal for geometric wood flooring, as they allow for more creative use of parquetry and benefit from the geometric pattern.

That said, you can still make use of geometric flooring in smaller spaces, just be sure to consider whether the pattern will look equal and balanced.

Installing geometric wood flooring

Installing geometric wood flooring is extremely technical because of the intricate nature of the design. Therefore, we would always recommend that any geometric floor is installed by professional wood flooring fitters.

If you would like to install the flooring yourself, please check out our geometric wood installation guide here.

How to care for geometric pattern flooring

Like with any other real wood floor, caring and maintaining a geometric pattern floor depends on the finish used.

Ted Todd offers approved Care System cleaners that can be used without the worry of stripping the finish off the floor.