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Every member of the commercial team is a wood floor expert with extensive knowledge of their sector and years of flooring experience to help with your project.


Retail environments demand a lot of the materials used in their design. Not only do they have to be durable and able to cope with high footfall, they also must help deliver a polished customer experience as well as being specifically tailored to the product and brand image they are being used to sell.

High quality wood floors deliver on all counts. The choice of colours, textures, and formats means that there is a floor to suit every project, with finishes specifically designed for high traffic areas with the necessary anti-slip ratings.

Add to this the demand for retail experiences to be immersive, using ethically and sustainably sourced natural materials, and hardwood floors becomes a perfect choice for commercial and retail flooring projects.

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Our Retail Projects

What are the different types of wood suitable for retail flooring?

Many formats work seamlessly as a retail flooring solution, with plank, herringbone and chevron being ideal in leading customers through spaces with ease; you can even define each space individually by mixing the designs throughout your project. You can even combine real wood flooring with other materials, such as metal and carpet, in order to mark out pathways and add another dimension to your design.

Whichever format you choose, we would recommend that you opt for engineered wood flooring rather than solid wood. This structure consists of various layers of timber packed together leading to much greater stability, plus, by selecting a 15-20mm thickness option, your industrial shop flooring will last a lifetime with the correct care and attention.

Whether you opt for an antique, reclaimed or new floor, you’re sure to find something in our ranks which reflects your brand identity with ease, and if you’re at all struggling, you can always design your own floor from the ground up with our bespoke offering.

Why choose wood shop flooring over alternatives like laminate and vinyl flooring?

At Ted Todd, we only work with wood.

We love the fact that it’s a natural material, is environmentally friendly and can be used to create a variety of different beautiful looks; and as so many historic buildings are testament to, wood floors last for centuries, not just decades, if cared for properly.

Luxury vinyl tiles and laminate floor cannot make all these claims. Increasingly, concerns about emissions from plastic-based floors mean that more retail and commercial projects are turning away from these products, towards zero emission alternatives like hardwood flooring. Ted Todd also have a choice of finishes to ensure that each floor has the built-in durability required for different areas of your upcoming projects.

Ted Todd work with designers and architects on projects for many of the world’s biggest brands. With the best choice of floors in the market and in-house expertise to provide help and advice at every point in a project, we are able work with clients to deliver custom and bespoke options, particularly around durability. Most importantly, we never compromise when it comes to sustainability and offer FSC and PEFC certification at no extra cost.

What are the benefits of a retail wood floor over a concrete floor?

There are a plethora of advantages when using wood flooring as opposed to concrete.

First of all, the warmth that wood produces makes your spaces feel comforting familiar, and links them back to the natural world with their familiar sound, feel under foot and look. This look also screams individuality and character throughout every board and block, with natural knots and grain patterns drawing the eye effectively.

Construction-wise, wood floors are just as durable, with many of our floors hosting a long-lasting wear layer, making our floors a lifetime choice at the heart of your project – and should you wish to change things up in future, your floor is recyclable, meaning you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint.

Last of all, all of our commercial flooring options are easy to maintain thanks to their carefully considered oiled or lacquered finish. Some requiring just a simple sweep, and a small amount of elbow grease to keep the floor shining through the years.

What retail applications are suitable for real wood floors?

We have seen our floors be used in a vast number of retail outlets, all varying in size, shape and specification. We fully understand that no two projects are the same, and as such, each needs to be treated with their individual objectives in mind.

All of our flooring is suitable for the retail sector, so no matter the colours, format, thickness, width, length and beyond which you are seeking, we’re certain to have a non slip solution that meets your needs exactly.

Make spaces feel much more luxurious and intimate with a dark parquet, add immense character to every surface with our solid cladding options or even manipulate the size of spaces with wide boards or long length planks, all of which are suited to push back against the challenges of high traffic retail spaces.

If you need a little inspiration, why not view our retail projects. For example, we worked with Harrods to produce a variety of floors for the world-renowned store, including a Wizard of Oz inspired ‘yellow brick road’ which runs through the toy department. We also worked with Penhaligon’s to provide a look that reflected the company’s distinctive 149-year heritage; the end result using parquet de Versailles panels, finished in a rich, traditional colour.

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