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Siberian Larch flooring is crafted from dense softwood that grows and matures in the colder region of Siberia. Ranging in sizes from 20m-40m, the coniferous trees we sustainably source the timbers from have already battled against the intense cold and harsh weather this region pushes upon the wood. Siberian Larch is one of the most popular wood species within the construction and design industry; valued for its earthly beauty, stretching grain patterns and the ease in which you can work with it, this is a timber that ticks all the boxes.


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What is Siberian Larch wood flooring?

The Siberian wood flooring that we produce is named Oster. With a beautifully smooth texture which is a joy to touch, a warming natural light colour, and a mixture of straight and swirling grain patterns that spread across each plank, this is a floor for all occasions, especially if you’re looking to use an interesting wood at the heart of your project.

2 Ply engineered for greater stability, Oster (which is supplied unfinished) is 20mm and has a 4mm wear layer, meaning this softwood isn’t actually that soft at all, and can stand up to the challenges of time and traffic with great success.

Like many of our other exciting wood species such as Morado and Douglas Fir you’ll find this floor within our Specialist Woods collection which pairs unusual woods with stand-out projects.

Characteristics of Siberian Larch wood

Aside from striking aesthetics, Siberian Larch floorboards have durability benefits too. Due to its high resin content and dense grain, it has a natural resistance to decay and the timber is valued by architects and builders for being waterproof.

It is highly regarded as one of the best building materials and is still in great demand by the yacht and boat builders alike, making Oster ideal for marine projects too.

Siberian larch wood floors have a proven history of being able to last outdoors for 50 plus years as exterior cladding; so whether it be for your floor, wall or your ceiling, Oster is a remarkable wood with high performance and eye-catching features at an affordable cost.

What are the benefits of Siberian Larch wood flooring?

What makes Oster so impressive is how it defines the available floor space, making rooms seem larger with ease. Such is the contemporary spatial impact, that it could potentially make one wonder if they have enough furniture?

Straight grains accentuate the plank lengths which again show off the size of a space, whilst making a strong statement. At the heartwood, you will find more eccentric grain that flows randomly along the plank, pushing intrigue and interested through every knolls and knot.

The light reddish and golden-brown hues, which are completely natural of Siberian Larch floors, add warmth to any surface, helping to really pull a room together, especially when looking to make the space feel relaxing and safe.

How to install Siberian Larch wood flooring

Having made an investment in your Siberian larch flooring, we recommend that it is installed by a professional floor fitter or competent tradesperson.

Correct preparation and installation methods and finishing touches make all the difference.

Further installation guide can be found here.

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Alternatively, why not visit on of our local retail partners, or one of our Design Centres? That way you can see and feel the benefits of Oster for yourself.