Grey Wood Floors

Grey wood floors are a contemporary flooring choice, suitable for any type of room in your home or to make a modern design statement in your commercial project. Traditionally, the only grey woods were ones that had weathered outside. The sunlight would break down the outer layer, creating a silver-grey patina that is a product solely of nature. These woods would normally be Oak, Cedar, Larch and sometimes Pine.

These weathered tones have influenced the development of grey-toned floors in order to keep the colours natural and organic. Some or colder for a more mineral feeling, whilst others are deep and warm, idea for use in residential spaces. These grey floors are available in a variety of designs including plank, herringbone, chevron and more intricate parquet panel designs.


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Types of Grey Wood Floors?

Grey wood flooring has become a very popular flooring choice over recent years. The neutral colour is contemporary, enduring and appealing, blending perfectly with a number of different colour palettes and design styles.

Most grey wood flooring is made of oak. However, we also grey wood options in Reclaimed Pine, Larch and American Black Walnut, making grey a versatile colour choice when working with these natural timbers.

Our Smoke Engineered grey wood flooring, is a warm-untoned grey flooring, part of our Create collection. The undertones are present due to the oak in this floor being heat treated to develop the colours. This treatment makes the oak more stable and hard too. When combined with a specialist wash, the grey tone is created, adding that comforting, cosy feeling to any bar area or living room.

Alternatively, we have lighter grey flooring options available.

A strong example of a cool toned grey floor is Lucia, from our Strada Collection. With a look almost akin to steel and featuring a massive 12 coats of lacquer on the surface, this is a grey coloured floor with strong water resistance, which will retain the light grey look for decades and beyond.

What are the best rooms to install Grey Floors?

Grey wood floors are perfect for contemporary interiors; the strong and interesting colour creates a strong talking point or statement, even alongside other powerful pieces and colour palettes.

They complement other grey tones on walls or in fabrics with seamless ease, acting as a backdrop for your design to be crafted upon. The silvers and greys link spaces together with a contemporary feeling throughout.

Warmer grey tones will work in almost every room, be it a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom; the wood effects will compliment and blend with other natural surfaces. Cooler grey on the other hand are most commonly associated with modern builds. Pair this tone with a micro bevel edge and a smooth texture and you have an outstanding contemporary floor.

You can view our gallery for inspiration on your upcoming projects.

Alternatively, read our How to style Grey Flooring blog for interior ideas.

What are the benefits of Grey Flooring?

Grey wood flooring brings an ambience into any interior space, pushing through character from natural wooden features. You can opt for a warm or colder look depending on what your project needs. This makes grey solid and engineered flooring a versatile choice.

Grey wood floors can create a moody atmosphere and introduce a feeling of escape. Likewise, they can be used as a clean and balance backdrop to your overall design, being used as both flooring and wall cladding.

This natural grey colour also expresses a feeling of individuality throughout every grain, board or block – this is not a colour you very often come across in the natural world, making these tones very special. It has taken a wealth of collective knowledge to create these floors, many of which are handcrafted, and we are proud to present them to you.

In situations where the grain has silvered and shimmered, you get a luxurious feel. We have grey flooring options available across a variety of our collections to allow you to bring elegance and soul to floors, ceilings and walls and our Bold Surfaces portfolio is an ideal starting point.

How do you install Grey Hardwood Floors?

As with any Ted Todd or Woodworks by Ted Todd flooring or cladding option, you should only ever use a professional installer – these are valuable, beautiful timbers and are not simple to work around.

How do you clean and maintain Grey Wood Floors?

Caring for your Ted Todd or Woodworks by Ted Todd floor is easy thanks to our Care System 1 and 2. To know which one to use, take a look your floor’s specification sheet, as each finish has its own Care System

Care for your floor, and it will care for you in return, lasting a lifetime and beyond.

Free Grey Wood Flooring samples

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