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Chevron Wood Flooring

Chevron wood flooring is a modern, geometric patterned flooring. Once laid, the blocks create a continuous ‘v’ shape, which is what makes chevron wood flooring so distinctive. This style is sometimes known as Hungarian Point due to the angled ends.

With Ted Todd’s range of tones, hues and colours, chevron wood floors can be worked seamlessly into any design to create the effect you desire, regardless of the complexity of your project.


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The different types of chevron wood flooring

A chevron wood floor comes with boards arranged at a 35 or 45-degree angle, creating a classic French look. We have a selection of chevron designs, from narrow blocks to the very widest.

Our chevron wood flooring is available in a variety of colours, allowing you to integrate this timeless format to match your specifications seamlessly.

What patterns does chevron flooring create?

Chevron oak flooring’s signature and versatile ‘V’ shape design can be used to create powerful aesthetics, making it one of the most functional flooring types. In large spaces, chevron oak flooring can add impact in small rooms, effortlessly creating a feeling of spaciousness.

Combining a range of tones together, such as our FSC certified urban Brooklyn European oak and our Furrow European oak chevron wood flooring, can create unique patterned designs in any open space, making it a feature of your room. Use subtle combinations of light shades for a classic look or add a modern twist by selecting an eye-popping mix of bright colours.

Rooms suitable for chevron wood flooring

This sophisticated style of flooring brings elegance to your home, office, or commercial premises.

From your bedroom to your hallway, transform your space and create a luxurious look. Investing in a chevron floor installation within your hallway helps create a stunning entrance to your home.

View our Parquet and Chevron Installation Guide for more information on how you can create a sleek uniform look by creating a unique and flawless design.

The different finishes of chevron wood flooring

From our Battington antique satin hard wax oil finish to our urban Dalston matt lacquer flooring finish, choosing the correct finish when choosing your floor can either make a statement or subtle aura to your space.

The gloss of a satin finish disperses light and conceals dirt and dust easily. The shining effect of a satin floor will forever maintain its new appearance longer than other types of floor finishes. Whereas a matte finish works well with hiding any imperfections including dents, scratches and scuffs.

Installation and care

Chevron wood can be laid over concrete or solid panel subfloors and it is highly recommended for glue-down installation using Ted Todd MS Flex only. If you are looking to install your parquet floor on solid board subfloors, you will require 12mm or better underlay to be in place.

Most of our Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd floors are suitable for usage over underfloor heating but be sure to check the specifications before proceeding.

When purchasing chevron flooring you must consider how your design will influence the installation process. We highly recommend reading our guide on how to install your chevron wood floor.

Caring for your wood flooring couldn’t be easier, just refer to our Floor Care section for information.

Order your free samples

Our chevron wood floor free samples are available in numerous designs and colour variations, meaning you can easily find the perfect match for your current project.

Pick your favourite three floors and we’ll get them shipped out as soon as possible. Once received, we’ll be in touch to assure that you’re happy with your order and supply any information you may need.