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Chevron flooring is a pattern of rectangular blocks at a 35 or 45-degree angle. The blocks create a beautiful ‘V’ shape when the chevron wooden floor is laid, creating the distinctive lines this style of parquet is associated with. This style is sometimes known as Hungarian Point due to the angled ends.

With Ted Todd’s range of tones, hues and colours, chevron wood floors can be worked seamlessly into any design to create the effect you desire, regardless of the complexity of your project. See our collection below now.

To read more about the kind of pattern a chevron floor creates,  the differences between herringbone and chevron formats, plus practical information about installing and caring for a chevron floor scroll down.


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What patterns does Chevron Flooring create?

Chevron oak flooring’s signature ‘V’ shape can be used in unique and unorthodox ways, making it one of the most functional flooring types available from Ted Todd.

The extremely versatile design can be used to create various powerful aesthetics. In large spaces wooden chevron flooring can tie a room together or add impact, and in smaller ones, a feeling of spaciousness can be effortlessly created, making it particularly effective when used within projects with limited space, such as breakout rooms, reception areas and restaurant booths. Elsewhere, chevron flooring is particularly strong when used in transitional spaces such as hallways and corridors, as it draws the eye and leads you from one space to the next.

If you’re in search for an exciting new look for your project, you can even use chevron hardwood flooring as a wall cladding option to draw the eye to certain aspects of your room.

Something else you may not have considered, is mixing tones of different floors within your chevron design. Use subtle combinations of light shades for a classic look, or add a modern twist by selecting an eye-popping mix of bright colours. Plus, there’s much more to customise than just tones! Pair undulating and smooth textures to emphasise or for interesting movement across the boards, and you can even experiment with different edges and lacquers to play down or emphasise the features of the floor.

Be it short, long, thin or wide, we have a versatile selection of chevron flooring available, which you can stylishly integrate into your space. Consider the format a blank canvas to build from, and by using our free sample service, you can easily match the perfect wood floor to your space.

Laid in a kitchen, a workspace an entire hotel or beyond, chevron engineered wood flooring is sure to have the edge over vinyl and laminate flooring options.

Chevron vs Herringbone - what is the difference?

Mistaking the difference between chevron oak flooring and herringbone is a common confusion, but there are subtle differences that make each format individual.

Both are based upon a similar ‘zig-zag’ design, however chevron pattern planks join end-to-end, rather than face-to-side in a staggered fashion; with herringbone blocks being cut at 90 degrees rather than a 35 or 45 degree angle. As a result, chevron flooring blocks appear wider and longer, hence their advantage over other formats in making a space look significantly larger.

In many cases, but not all, chevron blocks are shorter and thinner too, with herringbone wood flooring featuring much wider blocks.

What are the different types of chevron flooring?

As standard, a chevron wood floor comes with boards arranged at a 35 or 45-degree angle, creating a classic French look. We have a selection of chevron designs, from narrow blocks to the very widest. We also offer different shades too, such as white, grey, and black chevron flooring, allowing you to integrate this time-honoured format to match your specifications seamlessly.

Both our Ted Todd collections and Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolios contain engineered chevron flooring options, all of which have been lovingly hand-crafted in our Cheshire workshop.

How do you install chevron wood flooring?

When purchasing any wooden flooring from Ted Todd, you must consider how your design will affect the installation process, as we are certain you want your brand-new floor to look perfect.

Parquet wooden flooring such as chevron, can be laid over concrete or solid panel subfloors and it is highly recommended for glue down installation using Ted Todd MS Flex only. If you are looking to install your parquet floor on solid board subfloors, you will require 12mm or better underlay to be in place.

To find out more about how to install your Chevron wood floor here.

For further information on how to care for your wood floor please refer to our Floor Care section.

The vast majority of our Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd floors are suitable for usage over underfloor heating, but be sure to check the exact specifications before proceeding with the process.

How do you care for a chevron wood floor?

Caring for your engineered wood flooring couldn’t be easier, it just depends on the finish of your floor.

If you have a finish that sits on the surface of the wood, such as hardened oil, UV oil, matt lacquer, satin lacquer, or naked skin lacquer, then you’ll need to use Care System 1.

Alternatively, if you have a finish that soaks into the pores of the wood, such as burnished hardwax oil or restoration oil, then you’ll need Care System 2.

Both of our Care Systems include Ted Todd approved cleaners that can be used without the worry of stripping the finish off the floor.

Further information on cleaning and maintaining your wooden flooring can be found in our Floor Care section.

Get your free samples

At Ted Todd we have a free sample service which you should certainly take advantage of, and you’ll be pleased to hear that includes our chevron flooring options.

Our samples are available in numerous formats and colour variations, meaning you can easily find the perfect match for your current project.

Pick your favourite three floors and we’ll get them shipped out as soon as possible. Once received, we’ll be in touch to assure that you’re happy with your order, and supply any helpful information to make your Ted Todd experience run as smoothly as possible.