If you’ve got an eye for on-trend interiors, we challenge you not to fall head-over heels in love with our Project Collection. Affordable, versatile and oh-so-chic, these floors are a true Ted Todd staple.

Project comes in a huge range of tones – from modern grey pebble to rich chestnut brown – so you have plenty of choice.

This cutting-edge Collection is made with 15mm-thick European Oak, with 3 layer construction and a 4mm hardwood wear layer – so your floor is durable and easy to maintain.


If you love interiors with big personality, Warehouse is the Collection for you. The herringbone and wide plank format is paired with undulating texture and beautiful open grain patterns, ensuring Warehouse is trendsetting, modern, and brilliantly practical.

From cool blue-greys to dusky browns, our Warehouse Collection comes in a range of tones to work with any interior.

Featuring 15mm-thick European Oak, 3 layer construction and a 4mm hardwood wear layer, the Collection is built to stand the test of time with its durable construction and long-lasting hardened oil finish.


Crafted Textures

We live and breathe wood floors and go further than anyone else in designing and manufacturing fine wood floors.

We’ve used a mixture of techniques to deliver a collection of textured surfaces that not only look great but deliver great quality and durability too.

Classic Tones

We make floors that last – that are timeless in look and designed to improve with age.

Using slow grown European oak as a starting point, we’ve designed the widest choice of tones, finishes and formats to ensure you get the right floor for your project.

Choose from slim to extra wide widths, brushed textures that reveal the timber’s natural grain or smooth boards for a clean, uniform look. If that’s not enough, the collection includes 25 tones in both 15mm and 20mm, 2-ply engineered planks and two 20mm herringbone patterns.

classic tones


Over the past two decades, we’ve perfected the art of making floors that not only look beautiful, but pack a punch in the practicality stakes too. Strada is the pinnacle of our hard-wearing floors – perfect for demanding environments.

From commercial buildings to homes with children and pets, this special Collection has 12 coats of lacquer for a scratch-resistant, easy to maintain finish. Strada comes in a wide range of tones – from pale whites to dark grey – and is crafted using 20mm thick, 2 ply European Oak, with a generous 6mm wear layer.

Specialist Woods

Our impressive collection of specialist wood sourced from around the globe. See what makes each wood unique – from the distinctive cat claw knots of Pippy Burr Oak to the contrasting black streaks of the grain found in Morado wood.

One thing is for certain – we never compromise on ensuring all our wood has the highest environmental credentials. All of the wood in this collection has either FSC, PEFC or equivalent.

specialist woods

Parquet, Patterns & Panels

If you’re on the hunt for a statement floor – chock-full of personality and ready to impress – you’ll fall head over heels for our Parquet, Patterns and Panels Collection. Bringing your interior to life from the floor up, Parquet, Patterns & Panels is one of our most versatile and exciting Collections.

Featuring herringbone, chevron, patterns and panels, this Collection suits every interior – from rustic rooms to contemporary open-plan spaces.


Make a space truly distinctive with Create. Each component in this collection has been carefully designed to work seamlessly with one another. Allowing you to mix different tones without compromising on precision.

Be bold and mix contrasting tones and create unique designs with flawless results.

Keep it simple by adding subtle borders or choose from three different formats to zone spaces in open areas.

Classic Naturals

The beauty of slow grown European oak. 15mm and 20mm engineered construction with a 4mm or 6mm wear layer. These floors are a modern take on the original Ted Todd solid floorboards and our Classic Naturals Collection is sleek, sturdy and effortlessly chic. Made with 100% hardwood, just like our original solid hardwood floorboards, our Classic Naturals Collection is engineered for greater stability.

If you’re looking for a long life floor with great durability and design, these extra-thick 20mm wood floors will outlast all man-made alternatives, hands down.

Unfinished Oaks

Don’t compromise on your project plans with Classic Unfinished, in this collection there’s something suitable for every environment and colour scheme. Choose from nine floors in a choice of widths, lengths, depths and formats. In a natural toned gradient from prime grade lights to fumed dark oaks. Choose your finish, with a choice of Ted Todd finishes to choose from with each specialising in the demands of different environments.

Woodworks by ted todd logo

Rare Finds

True one-offs – small batches of wood floors, each with a story that is intertwined with the rise of the great English cities. We’ve sourced wood that was brought in from former colonies to feed the growth of an industrial Britain. Wood that had already been around for hundreds of years before it arrived, and having served its time in warehouses and public spaces has now been lovingly restored. As each find a new home, a new adventure begins.


The feel that a genuine antique wood floor adds is difficult to define and impossible to reproduce. Here you’ll find rare 17th and 18th century antique wood floors with unusual patinas, characterful natural markings and exquisite design elements.

Our restoration process is thorough and unrivalled, producing unmatched classic floorboards and intricate parquetry.


Shou sugi ban is the traditional Japanese process of charring wood to produce deep, silvery tones. The process is painstakingly intricate – using reclaimed pieces, our expert craftsmen produce simple planks, geometric squares or more complex circular designs. The results are statement masterpieces.

shou sugi ban
reclaimed wood cladding

Bold Surfaces

Bursting with vibrant secrets and surprises, each plank captures lifetimes of adventure, history and heritage. From the undulating cornfields of rural England, to the eastern shores of java, the characterful markings that point to former uses have been highlighted during the restoration of these reclaimed pieces to capture the essence of their origins.


Bringing together exquisite designs and architectural statements – all are stand-out pieces. Parquetry is our passion and here you’ll find classic designs and modern interpretations. Choose from simple squares that highlight the beauty of end grain wood or intricate patterns, all showcasing the talents of our craftspeople.

end grain wood floor


Where contemporary design meets the finest materials. The sleek style of these striking wide plank floors feature 22 tones, all handcrafted to create the ultimate in elegance and refinement. Choose from luxury minimalist super clean, super long and super wide prime-grade oak. All with exceptional quality and attention to detail.


These floors are all about individuality and urban living. They capture the feel of offbeat finds to create a look that’s a bit distressed but always unique. While they may have a worn look, the finish ensures that it is extremely durable with no colour fading and the eco-credentials you’d expect.

herringbone wood floor
engineered wood floors


Expressions of true artisanal talent, developed over many years by our team. Here you’ll find a rich array of specially created pieces from delicate tones to specialist textures. Our expert craftsmen have used their skills to create these idiosyncratic and characterful floors.


Using fine French oak from Quercy, our craftsmen draw out the character of the wood to give these planks and patterned floors an authentic, aged feel. The hours of handwork spent on each floor emphasises the flow of the grain and the undulating texture, from rich dark tones to light chalky finishes.

wide plank wood floor


Timelessly elegant and deceptively simple. Our engineered superwide planks and oversize herringbone panels deliver discreet style, underpinned with design that unites luxury and performance.