Wood Panel Flooring

Wood Panel Flooring

Sophisticated and distinctive, perfectly proportioned panel designs. The beauty of each design lies in the simplicity of their geometric shaping and clean lines. Balance. Wooden floor panels represent the ultimate in Woodworks design. Our panels are all created by hand and each element is hand cut, meaning no two floors will ever be the same, especially when crafted using antique or reclaimed woods.

These unique flooring designs elevate spaces, and we recommend laying on an angle to create a modern design statement. True works of art. Panel floors feature in the Parquetry and Antique collections. These wood panels are usually 980 x 980mm and are all constructed from hand-cut wooden pieces. The flooring creates a timeless look with a multitude of different panel designs available.

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About Wood Panel Flooring by Ted Todd

Wood panel flooring is crafted into many intricate designs, which our artisans have mastered through decades of working closely with wood.

These designs include the following Woodworks creations:


The ultimate Woodworks flooring design.

We hand cut the elements within our panels, making our Parquet de Versailles floors unmatched in quality.

Not only are they crafted from the finest antique, reclaimed and new materials, we are the only creators in the world to match each element from panel to panel with the look being a design registered to Woodworks.

This creates a harmonious look across every section of your floor, which cannot be achieved elsewhere.


A sophisticated and distinctive panel design, the beauty of which lies in the simplicity of its geometric shaping and clean lines.

Our panels are all created by hand and each element is hand cut, meaning no two floors will ever be the same, especially when paired with antique or reclaimed wood.

This unique flooring design can truly elevate a space, and we recommend laying on an angle to create a bold design statement.


Carefully weaved together, the Parquet de Chantilly panel combines classic crafting with a fresh, contemporary feel, making it a stunning choice in all interiors.

Our Chantilly panels are created by the hand of our skilled artisans, with each block cut individually before being pieced together. This ensures that elements match from panel to panel, which is something you won’t find anywhere else.

These panels are crafted using the finest antique and reclaimed woods, with a variety of historically impactful species available.


This special circular parquet design has taken years for our artisans to master and requires careful execution to ensure the overall appearance of Sapphire is perfect.

The design was created and registered by Woodworks, meaning it cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Crafted using the finest Aged European Oak, we’re immensely proud of the quality packed into this floor, being one of the finest creations in our portfolio.

What are the benefits of Panel Flooring?

Wood panel flooring brings a sense of regality and beauty to every project.

These are designs that are exclusive to Woodworks and instantly elevate project in all sectors. Many of the designs, such as the iconic Parquet de Versailles, have been used in prestigious projects throughout the centuries and continue to be at the forefront of high-end design.

These floors also grant a sense of balance to spaces, with perfectly proportioned designs spanning the entire expanse of your floor.

Being particularly effective in larger spaces, you can create organic spaces with reclaimed and antique wood panels, or contemporary designs using smooth, square shoulder flooring which creates a homogeneous single unit when finished on site.

Ted Todd only use sustainably sourced wood for these floors, with all of them having FSC, PEFC or genuine reclaimed certification. Using these floors help your project to achieve carbon neutrality, ensuring your environmental aspirations are met.

How do you install Wood Floor Panels?

Even though most of the hard work has already been done before the panel flooring arrives on-site, there are still important considerations to ensure that the wooden floor panels are fitted correctly. For that reason, we would only ever recommend floors are installed by professional fitters.

They will be able to make sure all the necessary requirements are arranged before the panels can be fitted. They will also make sure that the correct underlay and installation method is used.

Find out more about installing your floor panelling here.

How to choose a Wood Panel Flooring design

Firstly, you should evaluate your room’s interior design and then find a panel flooring that will match.

The flooring can be arranged in several ways to make different patterns – for example, we advise laying panels on an angle to room in order to create a modern design statement.

Next, choose between smooth and textured wood, micro bevelled versus square shoulder edges, or bleached beach tones as opposed to rich colours.

For a more traditional aesthetic, opt for rich, dark colours with lots of texture to create a level of opulence. If you’d like to create a more contemporary space, lighter colours and micro bevelled edges are the best place to start.

Where can you install Wood Floor Panels?

A wood panel floor can be installed anywhere and with so much choice around designs, species, tones, and finishes there is a panel to suit every project.

This type of flooring is perfect for rooms where you’d like to make a bold and memorable statement, for example living rooms and dining rooms. However, it is also a popular option for commercial spaces, as the durability of these floors won’t be damaged by excessive footfall.

Choosing and ordering Panel Flooring

Due to the size of wooden floor panels, it is important to make sure you see a full panel to get an idea of what the floor will look like in-situ. The best way to do this is to visit one of the Ted Todd Design Centres, either in London and Cheshire. If you book an appointment, we’ll make sure that all the panels you’re interested in are ready to view when you come in.

For commercial flooring projects, be to sure to talk to one of our specification consultants about the panels you’re interested in. They can arrange samples and appointments to view the floors you’re interested in specifying. Please see our commercial contact page for more information.

Quarter and full panels are available for purchase for presentations with the cost redeemable against any future purchases. These panels are all handmade to order so they will take around 2-4 weeks to deliver from order.