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Wood Panel Flooring

One of the most memorable features of the palace of Versailles are the parquet floors in the famous Hall of Mirrors, with the now distinctive diamond pattern down the length of the room, a timeless design.

These days we may not have the same space to play with, but the same effect can be achieved by using wood floor panels. These are usually 980 x 980mm, all constructed from engineered blocks on a birch ply base.

At Ted Todd we’ve also invested a lot of time ensuring that our high quality wood floor panels are designed and made so that the patterns match up seamlessly once laid. In fact, our range of wooden floor panels, which also includes chequerboard and fingerblock designs, has been used in museums and historical houses in the UK and around the world, often alongside centuries-old originals.

While wood panel flooring is still relatively time intensive to make, the end result is more durable, easier to fit, and the designs are consistent. It’s worth remembering that some panels have over 150 elements to them, each of which can be handled up to 20 times during production. That’s over 12,000 actions in total just for one panel. You can see all our wood floor panels here.


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Wood panel flooring by Ted Todd

All Ted Todd panel flooring is created for greater stability and durability. This is achieved by layering and bonding layers of solid wood together. In engineered wood flooring, the grain of each piece runs in a different direction to its adjacent layer. This enhances the plank’s strength and resilience and reduces the wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract – which means it’s perfect with underfloor heating or in areas like cellar, basements or conservatories where moisture and temperature levels may vary.

The top layer of these boards is known as the wear layer. This means that floors can be sanded and resealed provided the wear layer is sufficiently thick. The thicker the wear layer, the more often the floor can be resanded. All Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd hardwood flooring panels use a 4mm-6mm hardwood layer on top of birch ply, oak layers or a block board core, meaning that they can be resanded as needed.

What are the benefits of Wood Floor Panels?

The most obvious attraction of wood panel flooring is the fact that it’s an easy way to deliver pattern and texture to a space. These are designs that can be tailored to modern or classic schemes, are easy to fit (this is especially true for chequerboard and fingerblock which require a large number of small blocks to make up the pattern) and are all timeless floor designs that will never date.

Herringbone and chevron wood floors are fitted as individual blocks whereas wood floor panels are supplied fully finished and ready to fit. All Ted Todd panels are tongue and grooved for easy installation.

It’s important to never confuse wood floor panels with laminate flooring or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Whereas all three can be used for patterns that would otherwise be too complicated to fit individually, unlike laminate and LVT, hardwood panels are 100% wood with solid eco-credentials. Ted Todd use new wood and are always sustainably sourced with most floors having FSC or PEFC certification. The ultimate in sustainable flooring has to be the reclaimed and antique wood flooring from Woodworks by Ted Todd using reclaimed and antique wood panels, some many hundreds of years old.

How do you install Wood Floor Panels?

Even though most of the hard work has already been done before the panels arrive on-site, there are still important considerations to ensure that the wood floor panels are fitted correctly. For that reason, we would always recommend that the floors are installed by wood flooring professional fitters.

They will be able to make sure all the necessary jobs are finished before the panels can be fitted, including all decorating and joinery, and that the sub-floor is flat and dry. They will also make sure that the correct underlay and installation method is used. To find out more about installing your floor panelling here.

Where can you install Wood Panel Flooring?

A wood panel floor can be installed anywhere and with so much choice around designs, species, tones and finishes there is a panel to suit every project.

While there are many historical associations with this type of hardwood flooring, by varying the colour and construction there are wood floor panels for both modern and classic schemes. Choose between smooth and textured wood, micro bevelled versus square shoulder edges or bleached beach tones as opposed to rich, dark colours. Add these to the choice of designs and you are presented with an array of choices that can add an extra dimension to any space.

Remember that wood panels for floors do not actually have to just be used on floors. These decorative panels can also be used on interior walls and ceilings, too. Wall panels deliver impact, warmth, pattern and texture to vertical spaces and can be seamless if using chequerboard or continuous Versailles panels. A great example are Woodworks by Ted Todd’s Carbonised panels, which has made using the traditional Japanese Yakisugi technique. This involves charring reclaimed Swiss Pine and antique Elm panels to produce deep, silvery tones that highlight the patterns within and across the panels.

Choosing Wood Floor Panels

Due to the size of wooden floor panels it is important to make sure you see a full panel to get an idea of what the floor will look like in-situ. The best way to do this is to visit one of the Ted Todd Design Centres, either in London and Warrington, where you will be able to see the full collection of panels in all the designs across both the Ted Todd and Woodworks Collections. If you book an appointment, we’ll make sure that all the panels you’re interested are ready to view when you come in.

For commercial projects, talk to one of the Studio Ted Team about the panels you’re interested in. They can arrange samples and appointments to view the floors you’re interested in specifying. To talk to one of the team or book and appointment, please use our Studio Ted Todd contact page.

If you’re looking to use wood floor panels in your home project, please check that the retail partner nearest you has samples of the panels you’re interested in before you visit. Find your nearest partner.

Quarter and full panels are available for purchase for presentations with the cost redeemable against any future purchases. These panels are all handmade to order so take around 2-4 weeks to deliver from order.