English Oak Wood Flooring

English Oak Wood Flooring

English Oak is an exceptional variety of wood and is revered for being the finest in this species. Due to being wilder, more naturally grown, this wood features an incredible natural grain pattern throughout the logs. It’s also slowly grown, meaning that the growth rings inside are much tighter than in quicker grown woods, with the hue being richer in colour as a result too.

We saw our English Oak logs in the traditional manner that they would have been done for hundreds of years. Quarter sawn oak mainly moves in its thickness and not in its width. It also reveals extraordinary grain patterns throughout the wood, wonderfully thick medullary rays and rich, warm tones that are unique to the species.

Respecting the heritage of old English Oak flooring used in some of England’s historic country houses, these floors, such as Galion, are understated yet luxurious flooring choices which leave a traditional authentic feel on projects.

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What Is English Oak Wood Flooring?

English Oak wood flooring represents the finest oak.

Classically created with modern innovation, an English Oak floor embodies all the features of a centuries old antique floor using exceptional quality new English Oak. Organic. The refined slow grown English quarter sawn oak has been carefully seasoned and worked to a fine undulating finish with a rich surface.

Our English Oak stalwart, Galion, features edges which are hand rolled to increase the flow from board to board, whilst the extra thick wear layer and 20mm construction assure the planks stand the test of time. Available in widths between 80mm-250mm, and random lengths up to 4m, this English Oak floor is suitable for all design inspirations.

Galion actually won the best hard flooring award at the Livingetc style awards 2022!

Elsewhere in the English Native Timbers, you’ll discover all of our English Oak wood flooring, including the newest additions: Elswick, Forecastle and Roebuck. These floors are smooth sanded and yet maintain some soft undulations for an organic modern look.

What makes English Oak unique?

English Oak flooring is unique due to its authenticity.

We feel it is of incredible importance to preserve and respect the heritage of old English Oak floors found in some of England’s historic country homes, with our aim to bring this unique wood to projects of all shapes and sizes.

A local resource, English Oak wood flooring is incredibly rare. The timber is hard, heavy, durable, fine in texture and has an open lively grain, linking your project to nature and evoking emotions only possibly through truly special woods.

What are the benefits of English Oak Flooring?

English Oak hardwood flooring radiates warm deep tones, making spaces feel comforting, warm, and intimate – making these floors particularly effective in residential, leisure, hotel and heritage spaces.

English quarter sawn oak is cut differently to most oak floors. This produces a much straighter grain which is uncommonly seen and gives a strong design statement. It also means movement in the width and length is non-existent, rendering it both beautiful and more stable.

How to install English Oak Wood Flooring

If you have made an investment in a engineered English Oak wood floor, we only recommend a professional floor fitter installs it.

Correct subfloor preparation, installation methods and finishing touches make all the difference.

Any extra information needed can be found in our wood flooring fitting and installation guide.

The best rooms for English Oak Flooring

Whether you’re looking to blend English oak flooring into a classic project or want to push against the norm by including such timbers in a contemporary build, these woods (in particular Galion) will reward you.

Make even the biggest of spaces feel comforting and intimate with the darker toned wood floors and keep the intrigue in your project throughout the years, thanks to the straight grain patterns, deep medullary rays and deep hues entirely unique to the English Native Timbers collection.

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All of our English Oak wood flooring is available to view in our Cheshire and London Design Centres and free samples can be ordered too.