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English Oak Wood Flooring

English Oak wood floors are packed with tremendous beauty in each and every plank. Rich in colour and undulation to the touch, these floors can be crafted from both new and antique English Oak timbers. Regardless of the age of the English Oak wood, the look is timeless. Respecting the heritage of old English Oak flooring used in some of England’s historic country houses, these floors, such as Galion from Woodworks by Ted Todd, are understated yet luxurious flooring which leave a traditional authentic feel on projects. Natural imperfections are to be celebrated in timber, and the same goes for English Oak. From mysterious grain patterns and medullary rays, to large splits and knots, you’ll find something new every time you visit these classic English Oak floors.


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What Is English Oak Wood Flooring?

English Oak wood flooring is a classic design made from the finest materials. Our leading English Oak flooring is Galion, from Woodworks by Ted Todd Native Timbers.

Classically created with modern innovation, a solid English Oak floor embodies all the features of a centuries old floor using exceptional quality new English Oak for an understated and luxurious result. The refined slow grown English quarter sawn oak has been carefully seasoned and worked to a fine textured finish with a rich patina.

Our English Oak stalwart, Galion, features edges which are hand rolled to increase the flow from board to board, whilst the extra thick wear layer and 20mm construction assure the planks stand the test of time. Available in widths between 80mm-250mm, and random lengths up to 4m, this English Oak floor opens up a whole world of design possibilities. We also have the raw materials to cover even the largest of spaces.

Our English Oak greatness is testament to the tireless work of our Cheshire based craftspeople, who collectively host hundreds of years of experience in this field.

Outside of Galion, our Woodworks team have worked with reclaimed English Oak floorboards to create English Estate Oak.

In the 18th century, Capability Brown created a style that would come to epitomise Englishness in gardens, or more accurately, parklands, with his signature ‘natural’ look being associated with many of the country’s finest stately houses. In it the tree became a star, planted to take pride of place within spaces, exposing its natural character to the masses.

Our English Estate Oak flooring came from trees from one of these ‘gardens.’

This is parkland oak that, because it could grow wild, requires more skill to use on floors. We acquired the English Oak timber from fallen trees that came down in a storm over 20 years ago and took it back to our restoration centre, where we left the lumber to dry for months. We have crafted the planks into undulating boards which retain the natural imperfections and watermarks from their previous life.

Here the original patina shines, connecting your project back to the gardens in which this wood developed, bringing your room to life – with a beautiful bleached English Estate Oak option available too.

What makes English Oak unique?

English Oak flooring is unique due to its historic, authentic finish. We feel it is of incredible importance to preserve and respect the heritage of old English Oak floors found in some of England’s historic country homes, with our aim to bring this unique to both classic projects, blending in seamlessly, or to contemporary masterpieces, making a bold new design.

Reclaimed and antique English oak wood flooring is incredibly rare (such as our English Estate Oak), but thanks to our innovation of Galion, we’ve perfectly replicated the desired look at a more realistic investment cost.

This is a classic oak floor you simply cannot find anywhere else on the market; the timber is hard, heavy, durable, fine in texture and has an open lively grain, making it suitable for all occasions.

What are the benefits of English Oak Flooring?

English oak hardwood flooring radiates warm deep tones, making spaces feel comforting, warm, and intimate – making these floors particularly effective in cosy bars, reading areas and hotel rooms, just to name a few.

English quarter sawn oak is cut differently to most oak floors, producing a completely different and much-desired grain and patina. Since it is machine cut from the logs perpendicular to the grain, movement in the form of expansion and contraction on the width and length is insignificant, rendering it both beautiful and more stable.

For over 25 years, our master craftsmen have lovingly restored genuine antique and rare-find wood species and floors from around the globe. These time-served skills made it possible to apply the same formulas and techniques to reproduce the appearance in new oak, or to maximise the natural benefits of antique English Oak floors.

We hope you love it as much as we do…

How to install English Oak Wood Flooring

If you have made an investment in a solid English Oak wood floor, we recommend a professional floor fitter installs it.

Correct subfloor preparation, installation methods and finishing touches make all the difference.

Any extra information needed can be found in our wood flooring fitting and installation guide.

The best rooms for English Oak Flooring

Whether you’re looking to blend English oak flooring into a classic project or want to push against the norm by including such timbers in a contemporary build, these woods (in particular Galion) will reward you.

Make even the biggest of spaces feel comforting and intimate with the darker tones wood floors and keep the intrigue in your project throughout the years, thanks to the amazing swirling grain patterns, deep medullary rays and dark black knots and knolls.

Get started with Woodworks by Ted Todd

All of our English oak wood flooring is available to view in our Cheshire and London Design Centres and free samples can be ordered too.

Once the oak flooring samples arrive at your door, you can get on with the all-important decision making process, comparing and contrasting these time-tested timbers within your latest projects.