European Larch Flooring

Pale, creamy, light brown sapwood and light red-brown heartwood, European larch flooring features delicious natural hues and shades, showcasing the best tones our planet has to offer.

Larch was typically used as a building material in the 19th century, during the growing influence of the British empire.

Native of the mountains of central and Northern Europe, this timber has already experienced a lifetime of weather effects before it lands in the hands of our Woodworks by Ted Todd handcrafting team.

They then set about accentuating the amazing wide grain patterns, burrs, knots and knolls that deliver so much character to whichever surface they grace, be it walls, ceilings or floors.

Despite being a softwood, European Larch is secure and reliable, not needed such frequent treatment, making it instead, more like a hardwood such as European Oak.


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What is European Larch Wood Flooring?

Our European larch wood flooring all arrives handcrafted by our Woodworks by Ted Todd team in the form of Peteril European Larch floor and Rivelin Larch planks.

Sustainably sourced from the beautiful mountain ranges of Europe, these solid and engineered larch flooring options are an amazing way to bring nature indoors.

Rivelin and Peteril are both engineered with a 20mm thickness and a 6mm wear layer to last a lifetime, allowing you to sand the boards and keep the stunning light tone maintained throughout. Each features a natural grain pattern that stretches across entire planks, which at up to 3m long, mean you can create a bold design statement across even the largest spaces thanks to a carefully hand-rolled edge.

Characteristics of European Larch

The first thing you will notice about any of our European Larch flooring is the mass of natural features that cover the entirety of the planks.

Wide grain patterns, knolls, knots and burrs, as well as some weather effects, can be seen on every piece of this timber, all of which has been emphasised by the meticulous hard work of our Woodworks team.

The creamy light sapwood and light ruby brown heartwood are allowed to show their credentials, either bringing cool or warmth to a room, depending on what your specifications require.

What are the benefits of European Larch Wood Flooring?

If you’re looking to connect your project back to the natural world, there is little that can challenge European Larch flooring and cladding. These woods are refreshing in every sense, with their feel, look, smell and sound all taking you back to the mountain ranges from which they originated.

These woods are grown at a higher altitude than UK larches for example, giving them more hardwood characteristics, and making them more durable. These are tough timber, with high strength and rot resistant properties.

How to install European Larch Wood Flooring

Having made a great investment in your northern European Larch floor, we recommend a professional floor fitter installs it.

Correct subfloor preparation, installation methods and finishing touches make all the difference.

Installation guidelines can be downloaded in our wood flooring fitting guide.

The best rooms for European Larch Wood Flooring

Peteril and Rivelin provide a clean, crisp, bleached look – which is typically associated with a Scandinavian style – as such they are excellent choices for residential projects and feel perfectly in place within homely settings.

Coated with a Naked Skin lacquer, these woods are splash resistant, making them appropriate for kitchens and hotel rooms, amongst others.

Get started with Ted Todd

You can order up to three free samples at a time, so why not choose Peteril and Rivelin? Simply fill out the contact form and we’ll get them shipped out in no time, so you can begin that all important comparison process up close.