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Douglas Fir Wood Flooring

Douglas Fir is an incredibly versatile wood species that is not only a strong choice as a decorative real wood floor, but the timber also has tremendous value as structural heavy-duty framing, cladding and landscaping, meaning our Douglas Fir flooring can take the main stage, at the very spine of your project.

The grain of this wood is dense and is high in resin content, making it a real challenge to hand-finish, so we truly hope you enjoy these floors, as its taken a while longer than normal to achieve what we have with this beautiful material.

We’ve loved getting to know Douglas Fir over the years, creating Egret, Breton and Delamere plank floors.


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What is Douglas Fir Wood Flooring?

The first thing most tend to notice about our engineered Douglas Fir flooring is the light colour and amazing grain pattern that dances and scatters itself across every plank, making a beautiful motif across any surface where it may lay.

Available in long lengths and a range of widths, all of our Douglas Fir flooring has been designed to allow you to make powerful design statements – make small spaces look larger thank to the light tones, add interest to a surface with the natural beauty, or allow the floor to slip into the background, supporting your project’s key architectural selections.

These floors all host a time-defying 6mm wear layer, which can be softly sanded throughout the years, revealing the same natural beauty you fell in love with time and time again.

Characteristics of Douglas Fir Wood

A home-grown material, Douglas fir is a fast-growing species that produces immensely long lengths of high-quality timber that works well alongside many a crafting technique. Unlike many other softwoods, Douglas Fir is quite hard and dense, standing out from the pack and allowing us to be creative in our developments.

Most people quickly note the Scandinavian style which Douglas Fir flooring brings.

Being light in colour (even white in the case of Egret) these Scandinavian style wooden floors breathe freshness, minimalism and sharp beauty to many a space, being particularly effective in residential buildings to blend with a contemporary style, or to completely break the mould inside a classic design.

What are the benefits of Douglas Fir Wood Flooring?

Being incredibly durable as a species, Douglas Fir has allowed us to experiment with the boundaries of what is possible.

As a result, we have created understated, Scandinavian style floors that take advantage of neutral and white colours to create a feeling of added space and quiet tranquility. Make a reading room even more comfortable or craft a space to create within a new workspace; Douglas Fir wood flooring will do the heavy lifting, the rest is up to you.

Available in super-wide planks and super-long lengths you can throw away the rulebook when using a Douglas Fir floor, and in fact, we challenge you to give us your most difficult briefs, and we will help you make Douglas Fir shine throughout.

How to install Douglas Fir Wood Flooring?

Installation of any of our floors should only be carried out by professional fitters, please do not attempt to install such yourself.

You can find more information on fitting and installation in our wood flooring advice hub.

Should you need any recommendations on fitters, we would be happy to advise, just get in touch!

What are the best rooms for Douglas Fir Wood Flooring?

As mentioned, the design possibilities with Douglas Fir wood flooring are almost endless, so don’t feel like you are limited to a single room or surface.

Residential and hotel projects have found a lot of success with Douglas Fir floors, creating crisp areas that are easy to relax and focus within.

Elsewhere, the natural light wood flooring and white wood flooring are perfect for areas that are expected to get a lot of sun, adding a cool feeling as the grain pattern glows, drawing the eye.

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