Douglas Fir Wood Flooring

Douglas Fir is a beautiful wood species which derives from the Pine family. The wood is very crisp in tone and lends itself excellently to more minimal and Scandi-style builds. The pine and red grain patterns are the key feature of the wood, being uncommonly found in nature.

A fast-growing species, Douglas Fir produces immensely long lengths of high-quality timber that our artisanal masters enjoy working with. Our Douglas Fir floors are all crafted into planks and can be found the in Special Woods, Editions and Superwide collections.

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What is Douglas Fir Wood Flooring?

The name Douglas Fir honours David Douglas, the Scottish botanist who first reported the nature of this pine species.

Originating from the western coast of the United States, this evergreen tree grows in dense forest areas and has naturalized through Europe and South America.
The tree’s heartwood produces a light pink tone with a wide circling grain pattern, and inside you’ll also find tight growth rings.

Despite the perception of Pine as a softwood, Douglas Fir is used for joinery, veneer, flooring and construction due to its strength, hardness, resilience and durability.

Even the only wooden ships still currently in use by the United States Navy are crafted using Douglas Fir.

Benefits of Douglas Fir Wood Flooring

Unlike many other softwoods, Douglas Fir is hard and dense. These floors host a 6mm wear layer, which can be softly sanded throughout the years, revealing the same natural beauty time and time again.

Available in super-wide planks and super-long lengths, Douglas Fir flooring from Woodworks creates a strong design statement, especially in larger commercial spaces. Egret and Ibis are extraordinary Superwide floors crafted from fine Douglas Fir that scream modernity and fresh living. We perfectly pair our invisible Naked Skin Lacquer finish to the Douglas Fir, assuring that the profound and distinct white tones remain true throughout. Unlike other Douglas Fir floors, these floors need very little maintenance and will certainly not need to be washed a lye treated monthly.

Douglas Fir flooring makes small spaces look larger thanks to the light tones and an amazing grain pattern that scatters itself across every plank. Thanks to the neutral colour of the wood, we have created Scandinavian style floors that take advantage of these softer tones.

Douglas Fir Wood Flooring Installation

Installation of any of our floors should only be carried out by professional fitters, please do not attempt to install yourself.

You can find more information on fitting and installation in our wood flooring advice hub.

Should you need any recommendations on fitters, we would be happy to advise, simply get in touch.

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