Patterned Wood Flooring

Patterned Wood Flooring

Patterned flooring is represents all flooring outside of the raditional plank design. Each adds a feeling of interest to your projects, with the effect of each being unique. Herringbone, chevron, design panel, geometric pattern and square are all patterned formats that can inject character and creativity into projects.

Some of these designs have been used for centuries and are a staple of the design world, such as herringbone. Others including Sapphire, are newer creations that are exclusive to Woodworks and cannot be found anywhere else.

Made for High Traffic Areas
Made for High Traffic Areas
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Multiple Designs
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Up to 25 Year Guarantee
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What is Patterned Flooring?

Patterned flooring has been a prominent choice for wood flooring and cladding for centuries with some even dating back to the Roman times, being used for roads and on patterned materials.

From chevron to Parquet de Chantilly, these are designs that can be found throughout history on tapestries, photographs, and even in the incredible palace of Versailles. The joy of them, however, is in the variety of characteristics and feeling they bring to each project.

Some exude regal overtones, whilst others can be more minimalist. Some link you back to nature by showing off an extravagant grain pattern, whilst others fill you with comfort and warmth.

Overall patterned flooring is versatile in its approach, you can apply these designs to a multitude of different spaces with both contemporary and classic creations available. Be sure to visit our Design Centre in London or Cheshire to see the flooring up close, as this will help you to narrow down the perfect pattern for your space.

Patterned Floor Styles

Patterned wood flooring covers a large range of individual designs, each with their own characteristics.

These can be anything from the traditional herringbone to the Parquet de Versailles design we create, which is unique to Woodworks.

To explore our full selection of intricate flooring, please see our designs page.

Patterned Floor Installation

The design of patterned wood flooring is often intricate, but it can be easily laid by any professional or experienced fitter – please don’t ever attempt to install any of our wood flooring and cladding options by yourself.

Be sure to check over our flooring installation guides or get in touch if you need more advice.

Caring for Patterned Wood Floor

Caring and maintaining patterned flooring is simple, it all depends on the finish of your floor.

Ted Todd has a Care System for each type of patterned floor finish. The finish for each floor, and its matching Care System, can be found on the individual product page.

Head to our floor care guide for more information.